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Mom diary: Sunday morning reading

Mom diary: Sunday morning readingI don’t think any picture could sum up my life better.

At first glance, it’s straight up adorable. Two incredibly cute kids (I made them!) reading a book together (that’s kind of my thing). You can tell they absolutely love each other and that they’re both into the book. It doesn’t really get any better than moments like this.

But when you look a bit closer, you might notice they’re sitting on a bare mattress. Huh? Yeah, well. That would be because mommy didn’t change Ellie’s diaper immediately after she woke up and Ellie drank a village’s worth of juice with her breakfast and her diaper exploded while she was sitting on her bed. #Momlifemom diary: manicures

Sam and I had a little bit of big girl time this weekend. My husband’s uncle died and he and Ellie headed down to Long Island for the services while Sam and I stayed home (she obsesses over enough things, we really don’t need to add death to the list right now). We did a little shopping and got mommy-daughter manicures.

Our color choices are very telling. I went with an aquatic greenish color (Essie’s Turquoise & Caicos if you’re wondering) while Sam wanted one hand to be bright purple and the other to be a neon pink. Who am I to put a damper on that?

Also, notice the floral and leopard print clothes in this picture? Sam was wearing both…

mom diary: pretty pretty princessShe likes dressing herself so we’ve made a deal that she can wear anything she wants on the weekends, as long as I have final say on school days. So far it’s worked out pretty well and some very interesting outfits have come of it.

After nails, we went to dinner with my momma (Sam only ate bread. Shocker!). Then we came home and played a couple of rounds of Pretty, Pretty Princess before bed. A pretty solid mother/daughter day, if you ask me.

mom diary: wild thingsThe girls were thrilled when they were reunited (you would think they hadn’t seen each other in a week). There were lots of hugs and I yuv yous floating around.

A little later in the week it was nice enough to get my lovelies outside for some play time. They had a blast riding bikes and trikes and scooters and driving around in this little car. We realized it still had some battery power by accident when Ellie sat in it and it started moving, scaring the poop out of her.

Sam immediately ran over and took control and the girls took a joyride around the driveway (giggling hysterically) before it started drizzling and we had to take the party inside.

mom diary: sleepy headsMy husband was away for work one night this week. That always means that the girls get to sleep in bed with momma. I tucked them in all nice and cozy and did a bunch of freelance work. When I was back and ready for bed, this is what it looked like.

I cleared a teeny space on the other side of Ellie and clung on for dear life.

mom diary: classic ellieSpeaking of Miss Ellie bean, an Instagram post isn’t really complete without a shot of one of her epic messes, right? I decided to let her eat some yogurt at the coffee table with her sister the other night. I got what I deserved and a big fat “told you so” from Sams.

There are still yogurt spots on the couch.

mom diary: spotted baby

Speaking of spots, I’m the mother of one spotted baby right now. You can’t really see them that well, but my little bean is covered in a rash from head to toe. Remember how I said she had strep throat last week? Yeah, well, apparently her body isn’t too fond of amoxicillin. The same thing happened to Sam the first time she had it.

She keeps lifting her shirt to show everyone her “circles.” She’s a big fan of polka dots so she doesn’t mind being spotted too much. Momma could really do without it though. I love polka dots, just not on my baby 😉

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    1. Thanks, Gloria! She’s feeling better now. And you’re right. She IS mischievous. All day, every day! 😉

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