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mom diary: dumper

mom diary: dumperEllie is a dumper. For any of you who have not encountered these creatures in the wild, these are the children that walk into a nicely organized room and their eyes light up before they start grabbing all of the bins and baskets and dumping their contents onto the floor.

This is Ellie’s favorite pastime. After everything is emptied she likes to sit in a bin or two with this satisfied, mischievous look on her face. Luckily for her, it’s pretty tough to get mad at that face.

mom diary: chalk princessThis week has been an awesome one for getting outside for some fresh air and running wild (which is way better than being cooped up inside cleaning up buckets that were dumped and redumped). The girls have been having an absolute blast.

Ellie likes jumping in and jumping out of all of their toys and giggling like a wild thing, while Sam has been sidewalk chalk obsessed. She was particularly happy to be crowned princess and given a magical wand. We were hoping to crown Ellie too, but that crazy girl wouldn’t sit still long enough.

mom diary: chalk outlinesShortly after Sam became chalk royalty, my cousin Maria came over. Samantha decided she had to outline us in chalk (that’s me with the purple pants and flared pink top next to Maria). After we played for a while and Ellie scared us sufficiently with her erratic Power Wheels driving skills, we decided to hit up Carvel before dinner–because sometimes that’s just what you have to do.

mom diary: onion grass cakeWhile Maria was over, she introduced Sam to onion grass. Sam acted totally unimpressed at the time, but the next day she was obsessed with the stuff. She started collecting bunches of it to decorate a delectable dirt cake.

mom diary: bellyAll of that running around led to some pretty tired babies this week. I love how sprawled and comfortable Ellie makes herself when she sleeps–and I love that little Buddha belly that always pokes out of her shirts!

mom diary: gamersWhen I get Ellie to bed at night (which can be a process when the stubborn little thing decides she’s not quite ready), my husband and Samantha get some quality time in. The other night I found them huddled up under a blanket on the couch playing games. I don’t think I’ll ever understand the electronic game loving bug, but these two are pretty cute when they’re in the zone together.

sean dunneLast but not least, this picture is obviously not from my Instagram, but I am so freakin proud of my pal Sean Dunne who just won Best New Documentary Film Director at the Tribeca Film Festival. For those of you who have been reading for a while, I did a post almost a year ago about his Kickstarter project. Well, his baby, Oxyana, has debuted and is getting pretty fantastic reviews. Can’t wait to see it! Congrats Sean!!!

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  1. Congrats to your friend! You all have got to be so proud! Way to go, supporting your friend’s dream, Jen! 🙂 Oh, and I’ve got a “dumper,” too. BOTH my kids. Now you know my house is never clean for more than, oh, I don’t know, two seconds? SMH.

    1. Thanks Jennifer!

      And I absolutely feel your pain on the never clean house front. Sometimes I wonder why I even bother!

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