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flowers for her sisterMy little bean loves flowers (even if said flowers are actually dandelions). Any time we’ve gone for a walk lately, she’s had me stop to pick her one. And if I forget to pick one for her sister (who won’t even be home before the thing shrivels into something unrecognizable), I get an earful. “Fwowaaaa! Bubba fwowa!” (which loosely translates to Get my sister a flower before I make your life a living hell.)

Once she has them both, she’s thrilled and decides which is hers and which is her sister’s. Then she makes them sing and kiss and dance. The cuteness level gets dangerously high.cherry tree

I have to say though, I’m a pretty big fan of flowers myself. My mom’s cherry tree is one of my favorites. I don’t know. There’s something about spring and the flowers that come along with it that totally rejuvenates me.

As lofty as it sounds, the rebirth of everything makes me hopeful. For the trees to go from ugly, bare sticks and then to suddenly be bursting with life is not only impressive, but encouraging. I always feel like I can reinvent myself in the spring.

climbersIt makes the kiddies happy too. They can suddenly run and jump and climb like wild things for extended periods of time. Samantha is suddenly becoming much more sure of herself (with a sass mouth to prove it) and likes to climb to the tops of things. She was never a climber.

That little thing in the corner, however… Good lord she’s going to up the gray hair factor this summer.

baby in a drawerIn fact, I’ve decided she can dump all she wants. At least then I know she’s on the ground somewhere. This week she stepped her game up and emptied a drawer filled with toys at my mom’s house so that she could sit in it.

I failed to capture the smug smile that was on her face when she did it. But, trust me. It was there.

momma loveThis picture really relates to nothing and is not the greatest quality, but it makes me laugh. We were outside playing and I grabbed my girls to take a quick picture. As you can tell, Samantha was all for it and Ellie was less thrilled.

When I showed them the picture afterwards, Ellie started pointing and laughing and yelling “Ellie’s grumpy!” She cracks me up.

the toddler gropeLast but not least, I had to share a shot that I know a lot of mommas can relate to: the toddler grope. I always laugh when I’m out somewhere and notice another mom trying to deal with it discreetly. It’s usually the sign of a tired baby who is or used to be breastfed.

Some people are slightly horrified by it, but really it’s just the sign of a kid who is comforted by the presence of her momma–and I don’t see anything horrifying about that.

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    1. Totally cute and I’ll actually miss it when it’s gone– even though I try to avoid it at all costs in public!

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