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lock pickingThis week has been a doozy. With lots of big changes on the way and a ton of freelance projects in the works (I’m definitely not complaining) plus my husband’s weird work schedule and a scramble to figure out summer plans, I didn’t know what end was up.

Ellie added to that (which is kind of her thing) by transitioning from trying to pick doors that were already unlocked to actually learning how to unlock our front door–and letting me know by ringing the doorbell. Trouble. A big, adorable ball of trouble.

lotion feetWhen she’s not giving me gray hair, she does make me laugh though. The girls and I went on an adventure to the mall with my mom last Saturday. These sorts of adventures generally include stopping in Bath and Body Works because Samantha and my mom are both obsessed.

Ellie decided she wanted in on the action too, so while Sam was testing out 87 conflicting scents, Ellie asked to try some too. I grabbed the tester bottle and tried to give her some, but she wouldn’t give me her hand. Still, she was getting incredibly frustrated that I wasn’t giving her any. Turns out my girl wanted to rub her sample on her feet!

Kid made Mother's Day presentThe next day was Mother’s Day. Sam gave me this insanely adorable little “mirror” that she made in school. I melted into an enormous puddle on the floor. Major kudos to her teacher for coming up with such a cute idea that I didn’t see all over Pinterest!

post-brunch food comaAfter gift giving, we headed out to brunch with my family. As expected, it was loud, crazy and included a sisterly spat (…and I’m not talking about the little ones ;)). But we kissed and made up, stuffed our faces and had a good time.

Ellie passed out on the way home and I wished I could do the same.

nomAfter stuffing my face a little too freely, I decided it’s time to get back on track in the food department. My new favorite lunch is a tortilla covered in hummus (both homemade by my hubs!) with a little bit of chicken, spinach and onions. A serious nom fest. And in that bowl is some roasted kale. I’m a huge fan.

ice creeeeeamIt’s been a little while since my last messy Ellie pic, so I thought I would close this week’s post out with this one. In case you can’t tell, she’s a big fan of chocolate ice cream (or as she says “o cream”). Shocking, right?



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