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little lady joyride

little lady joyrideIt got hot in New York this week. When it wasn’t pouring buckets, the ladies and I went outside after school and sweat it out. There was lots of sidewalk chalk, some swinging and sliding, dirt cake making, but mostly a whole lot of joy rides in the Power Wheels.

This thing is seriously the best ever. The girls are obsessed with it. Even better is the fact that we didn’t pay for it. A friend of my mom’s gifted it to us because her kids had two. Um, score!

The down side is that Sam is pretty positive she can drive a real car now.

robins eggsI checked in our little nest under the deck this week and there were two more eggs! Even more exciting is the fact the I caught this shot when one of the babies was starting to break free.

I checked back the next day and two babies had been born. Hopefully I can get a good shot of them next week! I’m not really a bird person, but I’m a baby person. And I don’t really discriminate when it comes to the species. 😉

juice popsMy lady loves were all about cooling down with juice pops this week. I picked up ice pop molds with straws a couple of summers ago and am so glad I did. There’s way less sugar than normal ice pops (we just freeze fruit juice in these) and when they start to melt a little, the girls love to drink the juice out of the straw.

Nothing is completely mess free with this girl (who likes to lay her pop down on random surfaces when she needs her hands for something), but the straw helps cut down on drip-age for sure.

popcorn and a movieWe also had a laid back afternoon where we just shoved fistfuls of popcorn in our faces while watching Hotel Transylvania–which, by the way, is totally adorable. I thought Sam would be creeped out by it (she gets scared very easily), but it was funny enough to gloss over anything that might be scary.

yoga babyEllie was my little yoga buddy this week. I wanted to get serious about exercising since it’s usually the first thing I remove from my list when my to-dos are getting too long. But I have to keep in mind that my health is as important as all of the other stuff on that list, so I decided to make it my mission to workout five days this week.

And I did! Ellie and I did one day of spinning in the basement because I had no interest in the man staining our deck catching sight of our yoga moves (however awesome they may be). The rest of the week was spent doing yoga videos from the Roku fitness channel. Ellie is really starting to get into it, which makes it way more fun.

hermalicious the hermit crabLastly, I’d like to introduce you to Hermalicious (or Hermerella, depending on Sam’s mood). She’s our new hermit crab, won through a school lottery. As soon as I heard that they were giving the hermit crabs they’d been studying in science to the kids via a lottery I knew we’d end up with one. Sam wins pretty much any of these she enters (remember the American Girl doll she won from Barnes and Noble?).

I’m thinking I need to let this girl play lotto for momma. Anyone want in?

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