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bath + ice cream = Nana's house

bath + ice cream = Nana's houseApparently I was more Insta-crazed than usual this week. I had to weed through about a million and a half shots (rough estimate, I’m not great with numbers) to break it down to these, so if you want to see more of what we were up to (including a picture from my brother’s show, a shot of our baby robins, and the girls baking cookies on a rainy afternoon), check out my Instagram account.

Alright, let’s start with this one. We went out to Long Island to spend some time at the in-laws over the holiday weekend. It’s so funny to see what the girls associate with going to different places. As soon as Ellie was done with her dinner she demanded a bath and ice cream. To her, that’s what Nana and Papa’s house is all about (for Sam it’s bagels and mac and cheese). My mom’s house is rice cakes and Peppermint Patties.

relaxingThe weather had been terrible most of the weekend, but by Monday it was much warmer and the rain had cleared. While Sam had a play date with her buddy from down the street (which included picnicking and drawing outside), Ellie ate some popcorn and put her feet up in the sunshine with Nana.

How cute are those little pink piggies?

sleeping beautiesUsually when we visit, Sam gets her own room and Ellie sleeps on an inflatable mattress in the room my hubs and I stay in. This time though, Sam decided she needed some sister snuggling so she climbed in with her sprawling sister.

This was pretty much the only time these two were quiet all weekend. 😉

feeding the beanBack home, Ellie bean went through a (short lived) phase where she decided she couldn’t do anything without her sister’s help. Sam had to feed her her dinner and brush her teeth. Ellie got tired of that game pretty quickly, but Sam ate up every last second of it.

Also, notice the sleep mask Sam is wearing? She doesn’t do anything unless she can do it fabulously.

superheroEllie also discovered dress up this week. One afternoon, Sam put on a cape and set up a fan in the hall to make it blow in the wind while she yelled “I’m a superhero!” Ellie immediately thought that “superhero” refers to dress up, so when we showed her the dress up box (not quite sure how she had never gotten into it before) she picked out the frilliest princess dress and demanded we help her put on her “superhero.”

Now every time she says “I have superhero?,” we know she wants to throw on the Snow White dress.

behind the scenesLastly, the girls were such a cute mess yesterday I had to share this behind the scenes shot of a guest post on working on for Simply Designing. I won’t say anything more about what we were up to just yet, but you can absolutely expect a post filled with the shots that don’t make it into the actual post–they’re pretty hilarious.

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