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Girl Scout bridging ceremonyThis last week started with my little bubba bridging from a Daisy to a Brownie in Girl Scouts. As you can tell, she was very excited about this. They had a short, cute little ceremony at the school followed by some sweet treats.

daisy cupcakeI made little daisy cupcakes for the after party (in case you were wondering: after the party there was no hotel lobby… yeah, obscure hip hop references are what happens to me after a loooong week).

I would like to give a shout out to Michael’s for making me look way more Martha Stewart than I actually was. I bought those little fence cupcake wraps and the sugar daisies there and just put a little food coloring in the frosting. So easy!

manicureOver the weekend we spent a little quality time with my momma. Samantha was gung-ho about giving her a manicure. This involved many layers of polish, many wiped mistakes and an infinite amount of glitter. I’m pretty sure my mom won’t be able to get it off for months.

While Sam was hard at work in her makeshift nail salon, Ellie laid back with her feet up and a bowl of rice cakes by her side while she laughed hysterically at Fresh Beat Band.

body artbody artSpeaking of Ellie, here’s photographic evidence of the marker obsession that I mentioned in yesterday’s post. I would say that she suddenly fancies herself a tattoo artist, but she didn’t really discriminate on the canvas. Her body always happened to be there, but when she noticed the couch or the walls, those were game too.

movie nightI also mentioned yesterday that my husband has been away for work this week. The girls are always bummed when he’s out of town, so I try to do special things with them to take their minds off it.

On Tuesday night we had a little movie night (The Squeakquel, in case you’re curious). There was popcorn and ice cream with plenty of toppings (the girls requested M&Ms, Kit Kats and Magic Shell). There was chocolate on my bedspread and popcorn kernels in the sheets. And you know what? It was fantastic.

Cold Spring, NYOn Wednesday we met up with friends to pick up our farm share (more yummy greens this week!) and then headed up to Cold Spring for some ice cream on the water before heading home for bed.

If you’re ever in Cold Spring, NY you absolutely have to stop into Moo Moos for fresh homemade ice cream. So delicious–and the scenery isn’t half bad either!

bookwormsI had to add this one in. I took it from my husband’s Instagram account because there are so many little things about this shot that are so typical of my girls. From Ellie’s face and her wild hair, to Sam deep in concentration with an eye mask on her head, this just makes me laugh every time I see it.

I love these little boogers.

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