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summertime painting

summertime paintingI have a feeling we’re going to be seeing a lot of this this summer!

The girls painted some wooden birds for my father-in-law for Father’s Day and Ellie loved every second of it. I even let her use acrylic paints (hence the shirtlessness), which was probably a little insane of me. Surprisingly, she was so into painting that bird she didn’t have time for messiness.

father's dayOur Father’s Day was pretty low key. We hung out at home, went out to lunch and went for a little walk to visit the hubs’ work (and play with the equipment a little bit ;)). And, of course, the girls gave Daddy lots of hugs (and a hard time here and there).

peekabooContinuing her tradition of dumping things out so that she can climb in, Ellie had a lot of fun with her hamper one day this week. She flung all of her dirty clothes on the floor in her room, dragged her hamper out into the living room and entertained herself by popping in and out of it for a good half hour.

One thing is for sure: that girl has an infectious giggle.

girls room paint paletteYou know how I was talking about girls room decoration inspiration earlier this week? Well this will probably surprise about zero of you, but these are the colors Sam is thinking about for the girls’ new room. She’s leaning towards the bottom two on the card (plus some white for the stripes). More on room developments soon!

ice popThe girls have been dance party crazed this week. Well, more specifically, Samantha has been dance party crazed and Ellie is just do-whatever-Sam-does crazed.

She had a serious personal struggle after dinner the other night when she was trying to eat an ice pop as her sister started dancing. Her solution? Dancing with the pop flapping out of her mouth. I caught this shot as she stopped to catch her breath and squeeze the last bits of her pop out.

bookwormsWe headed to the library one rainy afternoon this week and I melted into a big gushy puddle when they sat down to read together. Sam was checking out a robot book (she was obsessed with nonfiction this trip because she wants to “make sure she keeps learning this summer”) and Ellie had just put down a Dora book so that she could carefully study a recommended reading list.

wild thingsThey also got in some Power Wheels driving. They have way too much fun driving as fast as they can in that thing and shrieking with laughter. I’m not going to lie, it scares me a little. We’re gonna have to keep these two locked up.

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    1. If there’s any time when it’s acceptable to be naked and covered in paint, it’s when you’re two. 😉

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