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last day of schoolSweet Jesus, what an emotional roller coaster of a week! It started out with this sweet little face’s last day of first grade [insert mommy tears here]. Making it even more emotional for her already overemotional mother was the fact that it was also her last day as a six-year old [sob].

slip n slide

We pretty much celebrated her birthday all weekend long. On Saturday (her actual birthday), we went to a little tea party with her buddies from Girl Scouts, played on her new Slip ‘N Slide, took a trip to Toys R Us so she could pick out something special and then rounded it all out with a movie night in mommy and daddy’s bed (Monsters Inc. to get prepped for seeing Monsters University on Wednesday–so good!). It was a fun–and exhausting–day!

seventh birthdayOn Sunday we had our family over for a little birthday party. The kids ran around in the sprinklers and through the house and fought like lunatics and had a generally fabulous time.

When she wasn’t in a bathing suit, my birthday girl was wearing various flower girl dresses (can we talk about that fact that she has been in FIVE weddings?) and her sparkly new tiara. Talk about a little diva.

partied outAll of the action proved to be too much for my fat-cheeked, sweet-faced niece. She eventually reached a point where she couldn’t hold her eyelids open–not to mention the struggling it took to keep those cheeks elevated! She passed out cold on my sister’s shoulder.

makeup artist in trainingThe next morning the girls decided to do a little spa action. Samantha got all sorts of spa and beauty stuff for her birthday and Ellie was the most willing of guinea pigs. There was makeup application, lotion massages, soaked feet, and nail polish. They loved every last second of it while momma relished the quiet.

The rest of the week was nonstop noise and action with a play date, a trip to the pool, a movies and lunch date with my sister and nephew, and birthday party supply shopping (because the birthday festivities are rolling into this weekend with Sam’s party with her friends).

my husband is batmanThis is completely unrelated to anything, but also completely necessary. Meet my husband. I’m pretty sure that’s all there is to say on the matter.

peekaboo readerLastly, I love this picture. It’s grainy and imperfect, but it’s got an Ellie button and perfectly captures her kooky personality. This is the sort of thing I have to contend with while trying to get her to bed at night.

She tries to get me to read more and more books, she plays peekaboo, she starts singing random songs. Anything to either delay sleep or make me laugh (which delays sleep).

Going back to the books for a second before I sign off for the weekend: I’ve been talking about it a little bit on Facebook, but I’m starting a new kids book series here next week. My first post is going to be on kids books that grownups love too. What’s your favorite children’s book?

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    1. One of my favorites! We tried to get it at the library today but it was out. Officer Buckle and Gloria is another goody by her!

  1. Oh I forgot to mention this on facebook, but “Everybody Poops” was one of the truly formative works of literature in my life’s story.

    1. Believe it or not, we’ve never read it! They’re poop obsessed enough without it. Ha!

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