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carousel birthday partyIt was another busy week here in our corner of the universe. On Sunday we had Sam’s birthday party with all of her friends at the carousel at Bear Mountain (if you live in the Hudson Valley, you have to check it out). The kids had an absolute blast. I had been worried that they’d get bored quickly, but aside from painting treasure chests (to go along with her mermaid theme!) and eating, most of the kids were on the carousel the entire time.

My husband rode with the kids pretty much from start to finish and snagged this sweet shot of Ellie and my nephew Jack.

mermaid party cupcakesTo try and get her mermaid theme in there (which is tough to do with minimal decorations) I made these beachy cupcakes. They were a big hit and much simpler than they look. A little bit of blue food coloring, some crushed graham crackers and some sea shell molds and that’s it. We also stuck some cocktail umbrellas in the sand, which the kids loved.

movie in momma's bedIt was a pretty muggy, rainy week in New York. Add that to a silly ankle injury (which, if you follow along on Facebook, you know is 30 Day Shred related… although I’m to blame way more than Jillian Michaels) and we had a week that was largely spent at home. Luckily, the girls have become big fans of nestling in to watch a movie in momma’s bed.

sister loveAlthough they’re certainly not above camping out on the living room floor with a pillow, a blanket and some Goldfish. I’m in love with this picture.

headless polly pocketsBut it hasn’t been all laying around like lazy bones. The girls have done a lot of playing with little figures this week. You can usually figure out which ones Ellie has been playing with by the piles of doll heads. She does it because she can. It’s that simple. 😉

library timeOn Tuesday Sam took a science class at the library, which meant a napless Ellie and I had an hour to kill. She loved wandering through the aisles, following bigger kids around and singing while she played with all of the toys. She even tried to smuggle a Minnie doll that was bigger than her out in her stroller.

toddler lunchIn other news, my awesome little eater has now fully entered into the picky two-year old food zone. She doesn’t want to eat anything anymore–unless, of course, me or my husband are eating it. I’m trying to get a little creative so I gave her a little smorgasbord in an ice tray for lunch.

There were graham crackers, Cheerios, cheese, strawberries and hummus. She ate the graham crackers and hummus and then took a bite of cheese before spitting it out on her naked belly. Still, I consider that more successful than most of our lunches lately!

beach babebeach babeLast but not least, I’m a little lonely in these parts. My husband took the girls down to his parent’s house on Long Island for the Fourth and I stayed behind to take care of a lot of moving-related business here. I had to lift these shots from his Instagram because they were so cute.

I hope you enjoyed the holiday as much as my little ladies did!

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