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summer living: pool bumsI’m not gonna lie. I don’t have much for you this week. That’s because most of our week was spent like this: soaking in the sun and playing in the town pool with minimal food, drink and picture taking breaks (momma ain’t no fool. My phone is going nowhere near that water with Ellie in tow).

I love this shot of the girls hamming it up big time, hoping that as soon as I like something we can jump right back in.

Samantha is taking swimming lessons for two weeks, which means Ellie and I get 40 minutes of one-on-one pool time while big sis gets her learn on. We’ve been having tea parties in the shallow end complete with a kick board table and make believe chocolate fish. Ellie takes it all very seriously and has already cultivated a lifeguard following.

summer living: picnickingFor the most part the weather has cooperated with us, but I did have to turn to group selfies on Wednesday for entertainment purposes. We ate our lunch early after having to get out of the water because of thunder and the ladies were less than pleased that we had to wait “like a million hours” (read: 20 minutes) before they let us all back in.

Still, I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t at least partially happy about it just for getting this shot. That little Ellie Bean is something else. If you don’t know her as well as I do, you might not be able to tell by the way she’s holding her mouth that she’s doing everything in her power not to smile at the camera. She made it her mission to make a ridiculous face for as long as possible solely because we wanted her to smile. Stinker.

summer living: sleepy cheeksOne thing is for sure though. All of that sunshine and splashing around and the complete lack of naps have made it pretty difficult for this little lady to hold up those chunky cheeks come dinnertime. Girlfriend has been straight up exhausted.

summer living: babysitters little sister booksAside from being pool bums, I’ve been doing a massive cleanup of my momma’s house. In the midst of our overhaul I came across boxes of old books and knew I absolutely had to introduce Sam to the Babysitter’s Club. I started her off with the Little Sister’s series (she’s read seven of them since last Saturday) and she is hooked. She already found the TV series on Netflix (my BFF) and dove into that too.

summer living: books and a cookieWe got some more reading in at a local coffee shop yesterday. The girls were over the moon when they saw that a few of the Pinkalicious books are now on the little bookshelf there. So we split an enormous chocolate chip cookie and read all three. Our kind of afternoon!

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