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American Girl cafe with the Brownies

American Girl cafe with the BrowniesI don’t know about you, but I think our weeks in the summer are more jam-packed than during the school year. Sam and I started it off bright and early on Saturday morning by taking a train into Manhattan with the rest of her Girl Scouts troop. We walked over to Fifth Avenue (which Samantha thinks is so awesome because “It’s like, really, really famous, mom!”) and the huge American Girl doll store where we had brunch.

It was seriously the cutest thing ever. From the little chairs and tea cups for the dolls to the heart shaped pancakes and the chocolate mousse flowerpot dessert, the girls loved every last detail.

When brunch was over we wandered around and shopped a little. Luckily Sam understands that momma isn’t made of money and we just got one thing (a cute little get well kit complete with crutches and casts and other first aid stuff).summer living: pool babesummer living: sister loveA huge chunk of the rest of our week was spent at the pool again. Sam had another week of swimming lessons before she starts camp next week. Ellie’s been bringing a baby doll with her to keep herself occupied while big sister is busy. She likes to feed her and give her a bath in the pool (and sometimes see how far she can throw her).

She also likes to try and play with the bigger kids and walk as far into the water as she can without it getting into her face. She is definitely my daring, scary child.

blanket fortLong days in the hot sun mean that my little ladies are in need of a little relaxation by mid afternoon. Yesterday they decided to make a blanket fort and watch movies when we got home. I love when they get all snuggled up (and quiet!) like this.

dark chocolate coconutI’ve been a little stressed out lately so my hubs has been surprising me with something he knows always makes me feel better: dark chocolate. Lindt’s dark chocolate coconut is one of my favorite things in the world right now. If you like chocolate and coconut, you need to try these little guys. My mouth is watering just talking about them!

future couple alertBefore we head out to our last day of swimming lessons and some fun in the sun with friends, I have to share this last shot. These two kill me. Benjamin is the son of one of my oldest friends. We picked him up from preschool once a week last year and took him to his grandpa’s house and it was pretty much the highlight of Ellie’s week.

We were at a blood drive this week in memory of my friend’s sister and these two boogers walked around hand-in-hand like this for a while. My favorite thing is listening to the two of them try to have a conversation together (she’s two and he’s three). It’s absolutely hysterical.

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