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ice cream at the pool

ice cream at the poolOur summer weeks are slowly starting to melt into each other. This week looked a whole lot like last week. There was some time at the pool with our pals. Their grandpa even showed up to hang out and bought all of the kids snacks.

In case you can’t tell, Ellie is a huge fan of melty chocolate ice cream cones.

cake pops in bedAfter pool time (or camp, which Sam started this week–much to her sister’s dismay), we did a lot of movie watching. On this particular day, movie time included cake pops.

Sam got a Monsters University cake pop kit for her birthday and let me tell you, cake pops are not as easy to make as you’d think. Yow. A few came out decent looking but a bunch made the girls turn up their noses and request different treats. I did not take photographic evidence of my failures, thank you very much.

barnes and noble story timeOn Monday we went to story time at Barnes and Noble for the first time in a while. This week’s book was The Day the Crayons Quit, which is really cute. The kids got a kick out of it and afterwards there was singing and coloring time. When coloring is involved, my girls are always the last to leave!

bedtime readingThere was also plenty of bedtime stories (which happen to be my favorite time of the day). Each of the girls get their own special mommy story time.

Ellie has been all about Blue Hat, Green Hat and Happy Hippo, Angry Duck lately, while her sister is all about the chapter books. I’ve been reading her a couple of chapters of Baby-Sitters Little Sister books (which you can buy for as little as a penny on Amazon– hollerrrr) each night. She usually stays up until she finishes the rest of the book.

The little stinker knows that’s the only way she can weasel her way into a later bedtime. We’re not about to tell her she can’t read.

conversations with my husbandIn other news, have you ever found yourself in the middle of absolutely ridiculous text conversations with your husband? They start out all normal, boasting about how many pages your kid read for the library’s reading challenge and then it somehow snowballs out of control until one of you is quoting Spring Breakers.

Once in a while I have to capture the insanity. And this time I feel the need to shove it down the throats of anyone who will look. I love my husband.

Children's useum of Manhattan: royal flushLast but not least, we went to the Children’s Museum of Manhattan this week with my mother-in-law (it’s seriously awesome for toddlers and slightly less so for too cool 7-year olds). One of Ellie’s favorite exhibits was on the Eat. Sleep. Play. floor. It was an enormous toilet with a British accent that teaches kids what good and bad potty breaks look like. Ellie loved every last second. It was absolutely hysterical.

Also, this may be my last Week Through Instagram post for awhile. These posts have never been particularly helpful at bringing in and keeping traffic, but I’ve continued to do them because I know we have a lot of friends and family members that like to see what we’re up to. Plus, I like having a running diary of the little things that happen.

That said, I’m not sure how safe it is to allow the whole world access to all of the little day to day details. For now, I think I’ll continue doing these posts, but I’ll make them password protected. If you’re interested in seeing them, shoot me an email at and I’ll send you the password.

If not, my ladies are not about to disappear from this here blog. I’m not really capable of keeping their cuteness all to myself. I’m just going to be more careful about the details I spill.

Make sense? If you’re a blogger, have you struggled with this balancing act too? I want to hear what you think!

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