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little buddiesI’m going to warn you in advance that there wasn’t a lot of picture taking this week. But I think a shot like this one should make up for that, right? 😉

Seriously, how cute are these two? They look like little dolls! We met up with Miss Carrie and the rest of her crew down by the riverfront to get some play time in before dinner one day this week. And one thing is absolutely certain, these two sweet-faced ladies are going to be trouble.

paintingMost of my day Saturday and a good chunk of Sunday morning were spent painting. For those who don’t know, we’re moving any day now (well, as soon as all the painting is complete).

Slowing down the process a little is the fact that Samantha wants one pink and white striped wall and the rest of the walls in the girls’ new room purple. All I’ll say about that is that it requires an extraordinary amount of my least favorite part of painting: taping.

The room is going to be really adorable though. Pictures to come!

baby cousinsOn Sunday afternoon we headed over to my sister’s (gorgeous) new house to celebrate this happy little babe’s first birthday. She and Ellie had a blast playing with dominoes, which made my husband predict they’ll be in jail together one day. I wouldn’t be surprised if Carrie was in tow too, although her dad being a State Trooper might work out in favor of these wild things. 😉

Also, I think my husband has been watching a little too much Orange Is the New Black—which is so good if you’re a Netflix user!

livs first birthdayHere’s the happy little family! I’m pretty sure Liv is staring at some of the desserts on the table and wondering why everyone was standing around smiling when she just wanted them in her face. The chocolate evidence that ended up all over her was definitely proof that she enjoyed herself.

After cake she opened her presents—but was way more interested in chewing the ribbon!

sisters in a suitcaseLast but not least, we were car less for a couple of days this week (thanks a lot, rusted out break lines), which meant we had to entertain ourselves at home. I was doing a little bit of work one morning and looked over to see this scene.

The girls had emptied out this suitcase (where we store their Barbies) and sat inside. They were singing to themselves while they played. It was the cutest thing ever. I’m pretty sure moms live for moments like that one.

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