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cousins on the playground

cousins on the playgroundIt’s been another whirlwind week over here. I finally finished my painting madness on Tuesday (thanks to help from my sister and my brother’s girlfriend) and have spent the rest of the week packing and moving boxes. We have a moving truck for Saturday and Sunday and I’ll be damned if we’re not moved in and (mostly) unpacked before we leave for a mini-vacation on Thursday!

That said, we did take little bits of time out for fun. Before painting on Monday we met my sister and the kids at the playground at Sam’s school and had a little picnic on the field. Aside from freak outs about bugs and a mustard stain on the blanket we were sitting on, we had a lot of fun.

succulentsWe also hit up Walmart to use a gift card Sam had gotten for her birthday. I kind of loved the fact that even though there are millions of things she could have chosen to spend her $25 on, she decided she wanted to get plants for her new room. The selection was only so-so on that particular day, but she found three little succulents that she fell in love with.

little white fishThis shot was from a moment that absolutely cracked me up (and, let me tell you, I needed it). I was reading Ellie a couple of the Little White Fish books before bed and when we got to this page with the goldfish, Ellie stopped me. “Das a goldfish,” she said. “I eat thems.” It doesn’t get any cuter!

bookshelfMost of the week, though, was spent packing and moving. This is a (crooked) shot of the first box of things Samantha unpacked: her beloved book collection. She lined all of her books up on the floor and alphabetized them by title before lining them all up there.

She’s having a little bit of a hard time with the whole moving thing (the child is not a fan of change), but little things like this and letting her Swiffer the floors and carry light boxes up the stairs seem to help a little. Once we’re in and settled and all of her things have a place I think she’ll be fine.

sam in a boxPlus, empty boxes help. She really, really likes empty boxes. We’ll have to keep a few for a little while and make some sort of cardboard fortress for the ladies to sing inside.

A little note: I might skip a week of these posts since we’ll be away (thank god) next Friday. If that’s the case, watch out for a larger than usual edition the following week!

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