My Week Through Instagram + Elf on the Shelf

sleeping instagram shotI know this picture is dark and terrible but it makes me laugh. Unlike her sister, Ellie will fall asleep when she’s tired. She might fight it, like she did in the middle of the diner when she had a screaming fit while I tried to put her jacket on, but when she’s done for she allows sleep to come. And she falls hard. She’s much easier to transfer from car seat to bed than her nosy sister ever was!

instagram shotSamantha is seriously one of the sweetest human beings I’ve ever met. She likes to leave “secret” love notes. She has a two-sided list of all of the people she wants to get Christmas presents for. I love that girl and I love that she wants to give give give, but someone’s gotta rein her in!

Any suggestions on teaching kids that giving is awesome but you can’t give it all (momma’s got bills to pay!) would be greatly appreciated!

instagram shotSpeaking of giving, I’m obsessed with gift wrap. I absolutely love it. This plaid wrapping paper is one of my favorites right now (which shouldn’t be too surprising if you read about how I’m totally tartan obsessed).

I will say though that gift wrapping is definitely not as much fun without a buddy. I was trying to finish up some of my mounds of presents and was wishing I had my gift wrapping partner in crime with me!instagram ugly Christmas sweaterThis is my husband. This is my husband in a ladies’ ugly Christmas sweater (size small, in case you were wondering). This is what my husband wore to his end of year meeting/lunch/whatever at work.

That white blob at the bottom? It’s a fluffy little pup curled up by the fire and possibly my favorite part of the whole ensemble.instagram shotSam’s school had a fundraiser at Barnes and Noble this week that included lots of readings, crafts, and a scavenger hunt. It doesn’t get any more up this girl’s alley than that.

She had a blast doing the scavenger hunt, suckered me into spending more money than I wanted to (there was an author there signing books and of course she had to have one and who am I to say no to an autographed book?), and weaseled her way into staying way later than I had planned. instagram shotWe also went to the library. Ellie is so excited that I let her roam freely now (a decision I still question when she starts carrying wooden stools around and throwing them at her desired destination).

When she saw a table with huge dolls sitting around it (she is completed obsessed with Mickey Mouse Clubhouse right now), she had to get in on the action. She tried to talk to them and attempted to give Mickey a high five before settling in and “reading” them a story. She stopped briefly to throw a cheeeeeeese face in my direction when she realized I had my phone out to take a picture.instagram shotThis is Ellie cuddled up in her sister’s chair while Samantha was at school. She climbed in and then got all dramatic and divalicious and had Daddy cover her up with a blanket until she was all nice and cozy. She is acing her sister’s Diva 101 course.

And now:  A Week in the Life of Our Elf on the Shelf…elf on the shelfShe ate some cereal in Ellie’s high chair. Ellie was far from thrilled. When she noticed her there in the morning she yelled “Hey! Me!” and pointed until I let her eat the elf’s cereal and she was all Take that, Alicia! (Did I mention that Sam decided our elf should be named after one of the girls in her class?)

elf on the shelfAnother night, Alicia had a girl’s night out with some princesses–hot tub, snacks, and ambient lighting included.

elf on the shelfAlso, no big deal, but our elf happens to be a doctor. She decided to perform checkups on all the babies one night.

elf on the shelfShe also did a little karaoke for an attentive crowd. I hear she did an awesome rendition of Mariah Carey’s All I Want for Christmas Is You.

elf on the shelfShe thought Dora’s hair was a little too tangled, so she gave her a haircut.

elf on the shelfShe played some cards with her homies (which included Spiderman, Dora, Strawberry Shortcake and Jesus).

elf on the shelfAnd last night, when I went to bed early and left any unattended business to my husband, our elf decided to play with sharp objects and chop some celery.

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  1. How awesome is Elf on the Shelf? I love this little guy! My kids are taking it so seriously. But I need to see if Hobbs (our name) can do some cooking or doctoring! 🙂

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