My Week Through Instagram (Mini Edition)

You know it’s been a busy busy week when there are little to no pictures to show for it, the floors of your house are sticky, and the girls are both sound asleep before seven. That’s what last night was like in our house.

These three shots sum up our week better than I ever could. We’ve spent most of our time at the town pool where Sam is taking swimming lessons and Ellie is getting way too comfortable with the water. The girls have been loving it, which makes it nearly impossible for me to decide to drag them home.

When we do leave, it’s usually with promises of heading to the park (which is where the shot of Ellie with melted chocolate all over her face came from. That’s what happens to chocolate covered strawberries in 90+ degree heat!).

The rest of this week will be made up of more of the same, with swimming lessons ending on Friday and a slightly more free schedule to adapt to come Monday. What have you been up to?

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