My Week(s) Through Instagram

Instagram shotThe last couple of weeks started out healthy enough. I decided that I would finally get my (growing) butt in gear and start going for walks as soon as I put Sam on the bus. There’s no way to push it off and lose track of time if Ellie and I head out first thing in the morning. I was on a really good roll too.

Instagram shotI got my first pumpkin spice latte of the season and was pretty happy with life. Except I felt a little run down. That was Monday.

Instagram shotThis is what Ellie and I looked like come Tuesday afternoon. Sam was on the mend from her bout with pneumonia, but at this point Ellie now had it too and I was beginning to fear I was going to join the club.

When I still was barely able to move myself off the bed or couch by Thursday and hadn’t eaten willingly in days, I decided it was time to go to the doctor. If you know me, you know this is huge. I don’t go to the doctor. Ever. I suffer stupidly for weeks (or months) to avoid it. I went. No pneumonia for me, though I did have bronchitis.

Instagram shotThe day after I went to the doctor, I took Ellie for her follow up. As if I wasn’t feeling crappy enough already, I found out that her pneumonia sounded worse instead of better. We took home a nebulizer for the weekend, in the hopes that it would help clear her out. Luckily, my happy little bean saw it more as a microphone than anything else and she took to singing into it during her treatments.

Instagram shotSlowly but surely we started feeling better (Ellie a little less slowly than me). She thoroughly enjoys watching her sister play games on the computer right now. She jumps up every now and then to “help” which generally results in all sorts of screaming and yelling and eventually “I love you, you little cutie!” and kisses.

Also, notice the white spots on the keyboard? Yeah, those are places where Ellie decided to rip off keys. I guess they insulted her or something, but she really didn’t seem to like them.

Instagram shotBy yesterday, we were pretty much feeling like our old selves. Ellie went to the doctor in the morning and her lungs were clear. I got through the day without having to lay down. Success! I’m still hacking my brains out as I type this, but mobility is key–especially when you’re taking care of two little rascals all day.

And Ellie is back to climbing on tables and causing all sorts of trouble, as usual.

Instagram shotThe girls’ buddies came over for a little play date yesterday and I absolutely had to include this picture. Samantha and her buddy Maddie are all dressed up for their wedding here. Sam is making a face because my picture taking was going to make them miss the wedding (shades of things to come? I am notoriously unable to ever be on time).

My favorite part of this little bit of role playing was that Samantha told Maddie she’d have to be the groom-bride since Sam found the veil first. Because everyone knows the bride-bride has to wear a veil. I love being a fly on the wall when kids are playing. It never gets old.

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