On Going with Your Gut (plus weekend links)

go with your gut

going with your gut

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Your momma always told you to trust your gut, right? From whether or not it was a good idea to do whatever stupid things your friends were trying that week to talking to creepy strangers with candy and large vans. If it doesn’t feel right, it probably isn’t. Right?

But what if you really don’t like what your gut is telling you? What if it makes you hate your guts? What if you’d rather strap on some cowboy boots and ride a horse all day (even though we’ve established that they’re scary beasts to be avoided at all costs)? What if it makes you want to vomit and hide in the closet with a big fat jar of Nutella? What then?

Do you collect your bravery, close your eyes and take that step, blindly hoping for the best? Or do you tell your guts to shut it and go about your business?

What do you do? Are you a believer in going with your gut? Or do you ignore it?

While you ponder that, I’ve got a few of my favorite links from around the web for your weekend:

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  1. I’ve had this conversation with my sisters a LOT and, at least in our cases, when we don’t like what our gut is telling us, it’s usually because it gives us a serious case of anticipatory anxiety. That really nervous this-is-crap-because-this-is-whats-going-to-happen feeling. We predict the outcome before it even happens, and then we stress over it so much that it makes us SICK – but I’ve learned that a lot of the time, what we think is going to happen is usually a lot worse than what actually happens.

    You are a good person. You are genuine. You know what the right thing is. You have good intentions, and if it really is the right thing to do, then it will be okay. Promise.

    And if it’s not, then I’m here to take you out to Hudson Hil’s and you can vent to me over delicious pancakes and muffins 🙂


  2. I hope the destruction left in Superstorm Sandy’s wake will soon be taken care of…hopefully you are doing well and getting yourself a snuggly snood!! Also, what a hilarious stalker letter to Ryan Gosling from a suburban mum ohh that really cracked me up!

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