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The Girl on the Train discussion questions

February's book club pick | The Girl on the Train

The people have spoken! This month’s pick is Paula Hawkins’s brand spanking new debut, The Girl on the Train. Everything I’ve read about it says it’s the type of story that sucks you in and takes you on a crazy ride. Hopefully that means we get into it more than Unbreakable!

Please note: there is another, different book called Girl on a Train. It is not the same book. There’s only one cover for the book that we’re reading (it just came out on January 13th) and it’s the one pictured above.

Also, this month was different in that the other three books ended up in a tie for second place—kind of crazy, right?! Since you guys seemed pretty interested in them as well, I thought I’d ask which titles (if any) you’d like to see as options for next month’s pick. The other choices were The Paying Guests, Boy, Snow, Bird, and The Late Lamented Molly Marx. If you want to see a quick summary of each in one place, you can check out my post on this month’s choices.

I’ll start posting discussion questions for Unbreakable in the Facebook group this afternoon!

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