Pin Fail: Gooey Chocolate Mug Cake

mug cake

I’ve mentioned before that I think talking about our DIY fails is just as important as showing off our masterpieces. Well, I was on the hunt for a mug cake the other night. I had very few ingredients in the house but was hoping for something quick and easy to take care of my sweet tooth that didn’t involve jumping into my daughter’s Halloween bucket.

When I saw this recipe on Babble, I was all gung-ho. I had all of the necessary ingredients (there are a whopping three) and I thought I’d get fancy and add a marshmallow for some s’mores-like gooeyness.

mug cakemug cakeMistake #1:

I took my egg, cocoa, and powdered sugar and dumped them into the mug. The instructions say to take a little whisk and whisk them all together. I realized that any mini whisk I may have ever owned was lost somewhere in the girls’ kitchen toys.

Instead of pouring all of my ingredients into a bigger bowl and whisking them that way, I decided to just mix it all up with a fork. No bueno, my friends.

mug cake

Mistake #2:

The instructions clearly say “Microwave for 50-60 seconds, until the cake is cooked through (but not overcooked!).” I’m a spazz in the raw egg department so I set my timer for 60 seconds. When the microwave beeped at me and I looked inside, the cake still looked a little wet. Instead of testing it with my finger, I put it back in the microwave for another 15 seconds.

Yeah, this is why my husband does the cooking and my daughter will tell you without hesitation that I’m not very good at it.

mug cakeI wasn’t so sure about it, but I gave it a try (with wild hair, dark circles under my eyes and smudged eyeliner, so yeah. I know this isn’t the best picture) and at first it seemed OK. Definitely not gooey and maybe a teensy bit dry. When I took another bite or two I got tastes of cocoa powder and what can only be described as chocolate-flavored scrambled eggs.

I didn’t even eat half before I threw it in the garbage. And if you know me at all, you know that my love of chocolate usually conquers all. For me to throw it out means it was basically inedible.

Lesson learned: try sticking to the recipe next time, huh?

I’m linking up this fabulous failure with Skip to My Lou, Craft-O-Maniac, Positively Splendid, and Project Inspire.

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  1. Chocolate scrambled eggs is exactly why I’m not making any mug cakes EVER. But I am making your banana Nutella bread again. And I’m not even going to be all Gollum-y this time. This time, I will share 🙂

  2. Awww hahaha this is hilarious, I mean, what a sad photo of you trying to eat your mug cake 😀 You know what, I’ve never ever heard of a mug cake before so you’ve given me an idea and yes…I’ll follow the instructions hehe! 😀

  3. Well, so your version was a little different. Your version was a sort of new version of the Cadbury Egg. That’s okay… 😉

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