Pinch of Positivity

It’s funny how the littlest things are what actually matter. Lately I’ve been stressed with trying to juggle all of the little projects and bits of life I have going on all at once. It sometimes feels overwhelming, as if I’m sliding down some bottomless tunnel with dirt piling in on top of me.

I looked at my room/office this morning and wanted to pull my hair out. There are little piles of crap everywhere. I seriously wanted to scream and just scoop it all into the garbage–tax documents, bills and all.

I decided to take a deep breath and then a tiny step. I made my bed. Believe it or not, that one tiny action made my whole mess seem so much more manageable. There was suddenly a little bit of order within the madness, which made it easier to imagine more order coming my way.

Sometimes a tiny glimmer of positivity can go a long way. No matter how big a task may seem, if you attack it in tiny steps you’ll eventually tear it down. Like the Buddhist proverb says, “A jug fills drop by drop.” It’s the little things!

Check out some of the inspiration I’ve collected on Pinterest (where else?) to keep that positivity flowing well into the weekend (or at least until the next mess catches my eye).

if your dreams don't scare you they're not big enough - inspirational quote
via Paper Fashion
she adjusted her sails - inspirational quote
source unknown 
at first glance it may appear too hard - inspirational quote
source unknown
surround yourself only with the people who will lift you higher - inspirational quote
via whoorl


be so happy that when others looks at you they become happy too - inspirational quote
Elisandra Sevenstar
why not go out on a limb that's where the real fruit is - inspirational quote
via Modern Hepburn
follow your bliss - inspirational quote
unknown source

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  1. Hi Jen, what a beautiful post! It’s amazing what a little action like making your bed can do for your mindset. I hope it lifted you out of the chaos even for a moment, it’s so easy to feel overwhelmed these days! Love the gorgeous quotes too. x

  2. I know what you mean. I think that’s what being a mom is. Never enough time to clean up all the crap. I’m always amazed how little I accomplish each day SIGH. Starting small is definitely the way to go.

  3. This is so bad, but I hardly ever make my bed. Haha! I’m going to try that tomorrow…I’ve been feeling overwhelmed myself!

  4. Reblogged this on K.De.Vision and commented:
    Definitely how I’m feeling at the moment, a million and one things to do! So had to reblog this!

    I will write some of my own post soon- I promise!! x

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