Pintervention: Craft Supply Organization Caddy

I decided to put my money where my mouth is.

Note: what the hell does that even mean? And why would I ever want money anywhere near my mouth–especially when the flu is running rampant?

I digress, but in this little scenario, it means that this week’s Pintervention is not only focusing on making one of my thousands of pins happen, but it’s focusing on making an organizational pin that I featured yesterday come to life.

Yes, my friends. I’m pinning something and actually doing it. I’m also posting about organization and actually using one of the things I posted about in real life. And it means my organization train is rolling full steam ahead.

That’s a whole lot of mind blowing in one place, so let’s just take a breath and get right to it.

The pin that I speak of is the super awesome DIY marker caddy posted by Aunt Peaches. I am totally and completely jealous that I didn’t think of this on my own. It’s also slightly silly that I’m doing a Pintervention post about it because it is so easy. When she said it took her ten minutes, she wasn’t kidding.

Still, I decided to give it a go to see if it really was that easy and functional. Plus, I’m a big fan of repurposing instead of throwing things out. Such a big fan, in fact, that I actually had a shoe box and a bunch of paper towel rolls sitting around waiting to be used (I know. I have a problem).DIY craft organization suppliesDIY craft supply caddy organization stepsDIY craft supply caddy organization steps


This one is pretty straight forward. Get yourself a shoe box and some paper tubes. Cut said tubes to the height of your box. Fill your box. Decorate.

I decided to let Sam paint one that she could keep in her room to try and reel in the mess that is her desk. While she was painting (and singing) away, I let Ellie do a little watercolor painting. She was into it at first, but then decided that licking her paintbrush was a much better use of her time.

A kid painted caddy is pretty perfect for organizing stray writing utensils in a kid’s room or crafty area. If you’re looking for something slightly more grown up looking, you can glue scrapbook paper around the box instead.

Here’s what ours looked like when it was all set up on Samantha’s desk:

deskPintervention: #DIY craft supplies #organization from @jennifergarry via @auntpeachesblog

I filled it up with pencils, pens, scissors and her endless array of markers (many of which were downstairs where she couldn’t even get to them because we had nowhere to keep them). It separates the items pretty perfectly and still makes it nice and easy for her to get in there when she’s in her artsy zone.

Also, did you notice that I took a cue from another of my pins and put all of the crayons in a big plastic jar too? I am on a roll (and patting myself on the back the whole way)!

VERDICT: Insanely easy. Awesomely resourceful. Do it!

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  1. Oh my gosh, I love her desk! It makes me miss my awesome desk circa junior high. *sigh* That is an absolute Pinterest success! I’m gonna have to do it!

  2. Thanks for sharing this. My daughter loves to organize her stuff (the only one in the family – poor baby) and can’t get enough of containers that separate things. This is a great re-use. I do believe we’ll tackle it this weekend.

    1. My daughter is the same way! She absolutely loves this and was in her room singing and coloring all afternoon. She was so excited to have everything in one place (and I was so excited that it worked and I didn’t have to spend a dime!).

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