Like a Mother | 7 Playground Workouts for Busy Mommas

Let’s be real. Squeezing in a workout when you have kids (especially when they’re on summer vacation and you work from home) can be rough. Routines are thrown off completely and it’s hard enough to just conquer day-to-day tasks, adding self care in seems like a total luxury.

But it’s not.

I’m a firm believer that if you want something, you’ll make time for it. It might mean cutting out other things that are less important, but it can be done.

This weekend I took the girls to Samantha’s school to play on the playground and take their scooters around the track. I figured I’d get a nice walk in while they were doing their scooting. Um, wrong. If there’s anything nine years of motherhood should have taught me it’s that nothing goes as planned. Ellie wandered slowly, dragging her scooter along beside her at a snail’s pace, while her sister sped around the track.

As we inched along, I was about to get frustrated about not getting in the little bit of physical activity I thought was a given but quickly shifted my perspective before I got all doom and gloom.

I couldn’t walk briskly. So what? My little meandering preschooler was happy as could be and I’d just have to make the most of it. Instead of rushing her along, I started doing lunges next to her. She found this incredibly amusing and so did her sister. We were all happy.

Why don’t I do things like that more often?!

Playground Workouts for busy moms

I spent the morning scouring the internet for a wide range of exercises that can be done at the playground—some can be done with your kids and some can be squeezed in while they inspect a bug or start pretending they’re grumpy old trolls in charge of the playground’s bridge.

I tried to make sure that I highlighted exercises that are simple enough and that work your whole body. Also, they might just make your kids giggle. Other parents might think you’re insane, but lady bosses don’t have time to care about that bullshit. We just do it.

Playground Workouts: pull ups via Daily Mompull ups (targets: shoulders, back, arms) via Daily Mom

Playground Workouts: calf raises via How Does She?

calf raises (targets: duh) via How Does She?

playground workouts for busy mommas

clockwise from top left: swing crisscross (targets: abs) via Parents // reverse pushups (targets: upper back) via Shape // plank twists (targets: core) via The Stir // bench step up (targets: thighs, hips, butt, calves, abs) via Parents

Playground Workouts: jump overs via Simply Sadie Jane

jump overs (targets: thighs) via Simply Sadie Jane

7 playground workouts for busy moms - self care - fitness - healthy living

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