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Red Carpet to Closet: Jennifer Lawrence

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Call me a dork, but I literally gasped when I first saw a photo of Jennifer Lawrence in the Prabal Gurung dress she wore to The Hunger Games premiere. This is not typically my kind of dress, but I absolutely love her in it! The cut, the fit, the seams–it’s seriously perfection!

I immediately started wondering if there was anything that even came close to it that a Real Girl could wear. I’m not really sure why this was a pressing question, considering I can’t imagine a single place I could have to go to where a sultry metallic dress would be a must, but I needed to know.

Splurge: ADAM, $200 / Steal: ASOS, $34

I’m sure people who know me will be shocked to hear this, but I’m kind of obsessed. Of course, the splurge is my favorite. I love the color and the paneling (as opposed to actual cutouts). But I can’t for the life of me figure out where I would wear a dress like this!

Where would you wear this dress?

While you think, I’m going to go do some lunges because the sight of Jennifer Lawrence’s butt in that dress is more than slightly depressing.

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8 thoughts on “Red Carpet to Closet: Jennifer Lawrence

  1. Cool article, Jennifer Lawrence is on top of the world right now, she is truly Golden! She looks dynamite in this number, and we cannot wait to see hunger games!!

    Look the modern cocktail dress, more people in metallics are always the way to go! Keep Preachin’!

    The Eye

  2. Great post! I also thought J.Law looked amazing in the dress. I would wear this dress to a NYE party maybe? It would have to be a real fancy one, though!

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