Chrissy Teigen at the Oscars

Chrissy Teigen at the OscarsI have to tell you, I love Chrissy Teigen. From shutting down mom shaming trolls on Twitter again and again to being a completely unapologetic goofball, she is my kind of girl. I mean, how can you not love someone who constantly finds herself turned into a meme and always manages to laugh it off? She doesn’t take herself too seriously and I love that about her.

Aside from the whole “I’m a model and married to John Legend” thing, she’s also really, really easy to relate to—especially since becoming a mom.

Take her night at the Oscars, for instance.

Chrissy started the night off by presenting her daughter with an Oscar while she was getting ready. Because moms always think their kids are just about the best at everything.

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Ah, the pressures of school drop off. #celestechallengeaccepted #funny #victoriasecret

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Celeste Barber has been killing it lately. If you haven’t heard of her, she’s the 33-year-old Australian comic who posts hilarious parodies of celebrity pictures on Instagram (you know that’s sure to be a hit with this InstaAddict, right?). I won’t lie to you: at first, I thought maybe it was a little mean. The whole mercilessly poking fun at people thing didn’t seem to gel with my fierce belief in raising women up—until I realized that it totally does.

Celeste takes highly stylized, completely staged photos of some of the most beautiful women in the world and points out to us regular girls that they’re not real. Nothing about them. From the poses to the hair and make up, there is nothing natural about them. No matter how bad the girls in them might want you to believe it, they’re not candid shots. They’re specifically designed to show these women at their absolute best.

And pointing out that little fact again and again and again? It makes us mere mortals feel less terrible about ourselves in comparison. In fact, it makes us laugh our asses off at the ridiculous lengths some people will go to to get a flattering angle. And for that, she is a Bad Ass Babe.

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before they were stars 1

Since the VMAs and their fashion kind of bore me with their look how edgy I am ridiculousness—except for Beyonce. Bow down to the Beyonce—I figured I’d skip the red carpet roundup (because bleh). Also, the VMAs suck (again, except for Beyonce).

But I do love a good celebrity roundup, so I put together a nice bunch of Before They Were Stars-type photos to get your Monday started on an upswing.

I was even so kind so as to give you the answers upside down at the end to make it harder to cheat and thus get furious at yourself for doing so. I’m not the only one who does that, right?

Celebrity School Photos

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Better with Age: Actresses

It drives me absolutely insane that women have to deal with different standards than men do. There are endless examples of this, but today I’m talking about looks. If we’re not young and perky with a flat stomach and a thigh gap, we’re pretty much thrown out to pasture.

What’s the deal with that? Most women I know are attracted to older men. There’s something sexy about the knowledge and confidence that comes with age. But many men seem to have failed to evolve past the save-the-species caveman mentality that women of prime child bearing age are the most attractive.

I say screw that. And to prove how ridiculous it is, I’ve made a list of actresses who are no longer twenty-somethings but who seem to get more and more attractive with age.

Better with Age: Actresses

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George Clooney: then and now

Have you ever noticed that there are some people who just seem to get more and more attractive with age? Whether they just seem more comfortable with themselves, they finally learn how to tame their ridiculous hair or they seem even warmer and more endearing with a couple of wrinkles around their eyes, some people just defy the idea that youth = beauty.

I decided to do a couple of roundups of my favorite example of the whole better with age thing. I’m starting today with some mighty handsome fellas because… well because I wanted a good excuse to drool over some hotties this morning. Is that OK with you?

Here we go.

Better with age: George Clooney

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