Conquering the Kitchen | Chicken Pot Pie Puffs

Pillsbury Biscuits chicken pot pie puffs

A couple of weeks ago I mentioned that September puts me into clean slate mode. There’s something about back-to-school that makes a routine seem so appealing. Maybe it’s because there are suddenly so many activities and schedules are much more rigid. A good routine just seems to make everything flow better.

Only a week has gone by since my big kid went back, but I’ve already started to slowly attempt to find a new day-to-day routine. It’s going to take more than a week, but I’m making progress.

Since I work from home it can be hard to stick to a set schedule (ok, it’s impossible), but I’ve been trying to check emails and update social media (or at least schedule them to update) in the mornings while my ladies are eating breakfast. Once Sam is on the bus, I try to claim chunks of time to work throughout the day while Ellie is playing or napping (if she’s napping). Slowly but surely we’re settling into a new routine.

I’ve also promised myself (and my husband) that I’m going to cook more, which is more than a little amusing since just about everything I’ve cooked to date has been with my husband giving me instructions.

When Pillsbury reached out and wanted me to make something yummy with one of their recipes (you can download their recipe booklet with super easy weeknight dinner ideas here), I was all for it—especially when I saw their chicken pot pie puffs recipe. My husband happens to be a huge fan of chicken pot pie so I knew he’d not only be happy that I cooked something, but his stomach would be thrilled too.

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Kitchen Adventures | Brown Rice Salad

simple brown rice salad

Last week I mentioned that one of our favorite foods lately is brown rice salad. It’s a great healthy (and gluten free!) alternative to pasta salad. We like to make big batches of it so that my husband can bring it in to work for lunch or we can have it for dinner on days when cooking is not our favorite idea (ok, it’s rarely my favorite idea. But this works perfectly for days when my hubs is getting home late and doesn’t feel like cooking).simple brown rice salad

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Kitchen Adventures | Homemade Pesto

simple homemade pesto

One of the reasons I’m so in love with the CSA we joined this year is that we (and by “we” I mean my husband) are kind of forced into using things that we normally don’t have on hand all of the time. My favorite lately has been the basil. So. much. basil.

It means that my husband makes lots of pesto and I love his pesto. I decided to add it to my (limited) repertoire because he promised it’s easy and the end result is kind of impressive.

simple homemade pesto

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Conquering the Kitchen | Homemade Hummus

homemade hummus recipe

My husband makes pretty much the best hummus in the history of ever. Any time there’s a party or some sort of family get together, it is specially requested (especially if my mother or sister have anything to do with it).

I keep telling him he needs to bottle that stuff up and sell it, but he has absolutely no interest in the effort it would take. So I did the next best thing. I made him teach me how to make it. And since I love you so much, I’m showing you how to do it too!

homemade hummus recipe

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Conquering the Kitchen | Homemade Tortillas

make your own tortillas

It’s no secret that I’m not exactly Betty Crocker. My husband is the chef in our house and my daughter will be the first to tell you that Daddy is good at making “food food” and Mommy is good at making sweets (ie throwing together a box of ol’ Betty Crocker’s brownies and adding in some chocolate chips for good measure).

My husband keeps telling me how easy all of his delectable concoctions are. I think he’s trying to hint that maybe I could get my ass in the kitchen once or twice a month if I follow a couple of his simple recipes.

Normally, cooking together would go under my list of the worst cheap date ideas ever. Mostly because (like my six-year old), I don’t really enjoy doing things that I’m terrible at (I’m talking to you, bowling). And let me tell you. If Bobby Flay saw my chopping skills, he’d be horrified. I also don’t enjoy my husband telling me that I’m doing something wrong. At all.

Still, I put on my big girl panties, braved it and actually learned how to make some insanely delicious homemade tortillas.

homemade tortillas

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