DIY green cleaning recipes: eco-friendly ways to make your own all-purpose cleaner, glass cleaner, toilet cleaner and more

Whenever I tell people I make my own cleaning products, the first thing I get is the Huuuuh? face. As in, why on earth would you do that when you could run to the store and pick one up that’s already made for you?

Let me start by telling you right off the bat that if it wasn’t easy, I wouldn’t do it. I’ve got way too much going on to be bothered with complicated green cleaning recipes. The recipes I use are incredibly simple and nontoxic—in my book, this is key when you have a toddler who not only puts just about anything in her mouth but scales furniture when I turn my back.

The next thought that flickers across a person’s face is usually, How do you know it actually works? Most people don’t ask that out loud but you can totally see that they’re thinking it (my sister, however, absolutely asks it out loud). Once I explain the ingredients I use and their magical powers (which I’ll get to in a bit) the face is usually all Tell me your secrets!

Since I can never remember these magical recipes off the top of my head (I keep them on a card in my recipe box), I thought I’d lay them all out for you right here…

DIY green cleaning recipes: eco-friendly ways to make your own all-purpose cleaner, glass cleaner, toilet cleaner and more

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DIY talking tote bag
Cuddles and Chaos | DIY earring tutorial

I’ve mentioned once or twice that I make jewelry, right? Well, while I keep working towards opening up my Etsy shop, I thought I’d give you an insanely simple DIY earrings tutorial.

This one is perfect for anyone who has been interested in jumping into the world of jewelry making but is slightly intimidated by it. These earrings are so stinkin easy that you can do them in about five minutes. Plus, they’d make a really pretty gift–Mother’s Day, anyone? 😉

Cuddles and Chaos | DIY earring tutorial

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DIY green cleaning with lemons

I was standing in my kitchen the other afternoon, washing dishes for what felt like the millionth time that day, when a warm breeze came through my window. I enjoyed every second of it and once it stopped, two things became incredibly clear. One: I suddenly and desperately needed to clean the last hangers-on from…Continue Reading “20 Tips for DIY Green Cleaning with Lemons”

eco-friendly organization ideas

Let’s be real, people. If you’ve read a handful of my posts, you know this momma is cheap. I don’t mean it in a bad, two dollar hooker kind of way. I just mean if I can save a buck (or ten) you better believe I will.

Luckily this works nicely with my desire to be nice to the world we live in. I mean, the whole reduce, reuse, recycle mantra should tell you straight off the bat that thriftiness is an eco-friendly lady’s best weapon.

Since Earth Day is next Monday, I thought I’d let my inner granola-crunching, tree-hugging hippie run wild and show off a few of my favorite eco-friendly organization tips.

eco-friendly organization ideas

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