Keeping the Messiest Kids Clean (+ Target gift card giveaway!)

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messy kids + WaterWipes

I’m not going to lie to you. There’s nothing that I find cuter than a really messy kid. I mean, bonus points if I’m not obligated to clean the kid, but even that is kind of irresistible. Take a look at Ellie up there. She’s a drippy, sticky mess. There’s ice cream in her hair, her eyebrows, and I even found some smudged on her chunky little ankles. And do you know what? The kid could not care less. She’s completely lost in a moment of pure bliss. There’s really nothing more enjoyable for a momma to watch.

That said, the whole cleaning her up part is much less enjoyable. First, there’s the enormity of the task at hand (what is the best way to make a kid stand when almost every inch of her is covered in chocolate?). Then there’s the fact that I’m becoming more and more neurotic about the products I use. It started out with our cleaning products and has slowly moved into products that we use on our bodies. I find myself wanting to use the most gentle, natural products I can find.

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My Favorite Green Cleaning Products

favorite green cleaning products

When I was younger, I never really gave a second thought to the ingredients in my cleaning products. As long as they did their jobs, who cares, right? But then I had a baby. And babies? They bring out the neurotic in people. Suddenly I was really thinking about my cleaning products. It started with the bathtub. The thought of cleaning it out with harsh chemicals and then plopping a fresh new human inside made me a little crazy.

When she got bigger, I started to think twice about the products I used to wipe down toys and tables and her high chair tray. When everything finds its way directly into her mouth, did I really want it coated in chemicals?

For me, the answer was a big, fat, bold, NO. And that no got bigger and bolder once my second (much messier) daughter was born.

Since then, I’ve tried a bunch of different products and found some that I loved and some that I hated.

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Beauty | Going Shampoo Free

going shampoo free (no poo)

I know the title of this post probably has about half of you turning your noses up and doing a little shudder. I get it. The idea of ditching what is widely considered a personal hygiene staple might seem totally bizarre. I mean, I’m sure I thought it was crazy the first time I heard about the whole “No Poo” thing (that term is so gross).

But, as with most things, I was slowly pulled towards it until I finally decided to brave it. And you know what? I haven’t washed my hair with shampoo in nine months—and not once has anyone questioned my hair routine (and believe me, there are people in my life who would have no problem asking why I’m such a greaseball).

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Spring Cleaning Tips, Tricks and Ideas

The other day I was looking around my disgusting mess of a bedroom, trying to figure out where the heck to start the 40 Bags in 40 Days Challenge (if you’re unfamiliar, it’s basically spring cleaning with community support). That’s when it hit me. For someone who has so many organization and cleaning posts on her blog, I’m a pretty big slob.

I mean, I try. I do. Even if my husband disagrees. I just tend to get overwhelmed with life and prioritizing. Cleaning is generally the first thing that gets removed from ye olde list of must dos. But I am trying. Mostly because I just can’t handle the clutter anymore. It’s making me even more crazy and flustered and disorganized.

So I took a deep breath and I did it. I got something done. Like a boss.

spring cleaning before and after

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How to Remove Sticky Residue Naturally

Hello, my name is Jen and I have a coconut oil problem. I currently have three (large) jars of it that I use for everything from cooking to moisturizing to degunkifying. Yes, I just made that last word up. But I like it, so it stays.

While I hope to have a whole post for you next week on all of the reasons you should love coconut oil as much as I do, today I’m just going to focus on degunkifying. Or, you know, getting rid of the gunk. Let me back up.

I’m cheap. We’ve established that. I also like things that are eco-friendly. Major bonus points for anything that combines the two. So when I accidentally bought an extra tin of hot chocolate for gift giving this holiday season, first I drank it all (because, of course) and then I decided the tin must be repurposed. It’s the perfect size to house cotton balls in my bathroom.

I got to work removing the label from the tin. I ran it under hot water to loosen the glue and scrubbed away with a little dish soap. But no matter how much scrubbing I did I couldn’t remove some serious spots of gunk.

That’s when the coconut oil left on the counter from making popcorn for the girls caught my eye. Light bulb!

Cuddles and Chaos | removing sticky residue with coconut oil

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