simple girls hairstyle how to: dressed up pigtails

simple girls hairstyle how to: dressed up pigtails

My littlest has some very specific ideas about her hair.

  1. It must be long and Rapunzel-like. Cutting is not an option, although she will tolerate a teeny trim every so often.
  2. It must be braided every night to guarantee she’ll have some curls in the morning. The number of braids she requires changes on a whim.
  3. She’s very opinionated on styles and generally chooses one that she’ll wear indefinitely.
  4. Brushing is a dirty word.

This poses a little bit of a problem for momma. Long hair that she prefers to have flowing freely does not mesh well with a super messy wildling who emits ear-piercing shrieks when I try to brush through her tangles.

Luckily, we stumbled across what she calls “fancy piggies.”

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Oscars 2015 hair | get the look: Jennifer Aniston and Dakota Johnson

Usually, after the Oscars I’m all about the dresses and a healthy dose of snark. And don’t get me wrong, I love both. But as my daughter inches closer and closer to tweendom and the dreaded middle school years and inevitable mean girls, making fun of other women’s looks seems more and more like what it actually is: stupid.

So instead of jumping on the fashion police bandwagon, I teamed up with Melissa Scrofani and Meredith Hayman—two of my favorite local beauty gurus—to celebrate our most loved looks of the night and show you how you can achieve them too.

First up, Melissa is talking about hair…

Oscars 2015 hair | get the look: Jennifer Aniston and Dakota Johnson

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going shampoo free (no poo)

going shampoo free (no poo)

I know the title of this post probably has about half of you turning your noses up and doing a little shudder. I get it. The idea of ditching what is widely considered a personal hygiene staple might seem totally bizarre. I mean, I’m sure I thought it was crazy the first time I heard about the whole “No Poo” thing (that term is so gross).

But, as with most things, I was slowly pulled towards it until I finally decided to brave it. And you know what? I haven’t washed my hair with shampoo in nine months—and not once has anyone questioned my hair routine (and believe me, there are people in my life who would have no problem asking why I’m such a greaseball).

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Easy summer hairstyles: hair scarf

Yesterday the girls and I were getting ready to go out to lunch and see a movie with my sister and nephew. Sam walked out of her room and stopped in her tracks, looking at me intently. “Oh! You did your hair,” she said, satisfied that she realized what was different about me before continuing on her merry way. Ouch.

But she was right. It’s been so hot and humid here in New York that I’ve resorted to throwing my hair up, clipping the droopy bits, and pulling my bangs away from my face. Pieces in the back inevitably fall down. Short pieces of my bangs flop forward and within a half hour I look like a general mess. Not cool or attractive or desirable in any sense of the word.

In short, momma needs to get it together. So I decided to collect a little arsenal of ideas to keep in my back pocket for days when I’m feeling less than inspired. Each of these easy summer hairstyles can be done in a few minutes and can work for a variety of hair lengths (sorry in advance to my shorties!).

Easy summer hairstyles: hair scarf

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Karlie Kloss haircut

I need a haircut. For reals. I haven’t gotten one since just before my friend Aimee’s wedding in November of 2011.

I bring it up from time to time and am all “Hmmm, I should really got a haircut. It’s been awhile.” But it hasn’t been until this week that I feel like I need one. It’s just getting in my way all day long.

The worst is in bed. One of the occupants of whatever bed I’m sleeping in inevitably rolls over and pulls my hair in the process (keep your head out of the gutter, people. I play musical beds with my kids all week long).

There’s also the fact that my new easy breezy go-to is clipping it up on top of my head as soon as I wake up and not thinking about it again. There are usually wild strands hanging everywhere and it sometimes slips into a sideways 80s look unbeknownst to me. My 6 year old has compared me to Medusa.

Honestly, it’s not that terrible. But I’m definitely in a rut. I need something new and Karlie Kloss is calling to me.

Karlie Kloss haircut

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