Organizing Your Home: Easy Hacks for Families

Let’s be honest: when you have kids you accumulate an abundance of stuff. From products to soothe and comfort them as babies to itty bitty figures and the countless houses that go with them when they’re a little older, it can get really tough to tackle clutter. While I’m sort of a clutter queen, sometimes I go on these epic decluttering sprees that leave me feeling much more sane and in charge of my surroundings—even if neither of those things are actually true.

In the spirit of helping a mother out and making you feel more sane and in charge, I’m sharing 5 super simple organization tricks that my sister and I swear by.

decluttering hacks: using baskets to organize

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Mom Hack | Adorable Personalized Name Labels (+ a giveaway!)

This post is sponsored by Minted, but all opinions and squeals of delight are mine.

There is nothing more annoying than buying the kids something brand spanking new only to have them leave it at school or camp or on the bus. It’s even more annoying when you realize that there might have been hope in getting it back—if only you’d listened and labeled the freaking thing like you were warned to.

Sound familiar? It’s a story that unfolds over and over and over again. Will we ever learn?

Now that I’ve discovered Minted’s name and clothing labels, I just might. I’ve always loved Minted and the beautiful designs by independent artists they feature, but I had no idea they had products that are so practical. I should probably be embarrassed to admit this, but I’m much more likely to use something practical if it’s really, really cute. These personalized name labels totally pass the test.

mom hack - adorable personalized name labels for kids clothes, food containers, bottles, equipment and more

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Super Cute Office Supplies

Flytrap snarky notepadSeptember always feels a bit like January to me. It must be all of the fresh notebooks, newly sharpened pencils, and clean sneakers. It makes me want to sit down to a nice, clean, organized desk, set new goals, and make plans for kicking butt.

It also makes me really, really excited about office supplies. I mean, I normally have a weird affinity for the things (I always, always have to touch them). But when they’re in my face as much as they are during the back-to-school bonanza, I get a little crazier than usual. I want my desk to have all of the cute and quirky things.

So, of course, I had to shop around a little…

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Spring Cleaning Tips, Tricks and Ideas

The other day I was looking around my disgusting mess of a bedroom, trying to figure out where the heck to start the 40 Bags in 40 Days Challenge (if you’re unfamiliar, it’s basically spring cleaning with community support). That’s when it hit me. For someone who has so many organization and cleaning posts on her blog, I’m a pretty big slob.

I mean, I try. I do. Even if my husband disagrees. I just tend to get overwhelmed with life and prioritizing. Cleaning is generally the first thing that gets removed from ye olde list of must dos. But I am trying. Mostly because I just can’t handle the clutter anymore. It’s making me even more crazy and flustered and disorganized.

So I took a deep breath and I did it. I got something done. Like a boss.

spring cleaning before and after

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Playroom Organization Inspiration

playroom organization inspirationWe’re officially through the first week of January and I already feel myself slipping into overwhelmed mode. I’ve rattled off plenty of things that I’d like to accomplish now that we’ve been gifted this magical, new, seemingly unexpected clean slate of a year, but I’m suddenly feeling so much pressure that I’m not doing anything fast enough.

I need to chill out.

Does this happen to anyone else? Or am I the only one who constantly feels like she’s on some mad dash to a finish line that doesn’t truly exist—because, let’s face it. There will always be tasks added to the list. And they will always seem dire.

I need to put less pressure on myself. The world will not collapse if my to-do list is not complete. The universe will not cease to exist if every single one of my goals isn’t immediately realized.

No. I need to stop, take a deep breath and focus on one thing at a time. Today, that thing is our playroom. The reason? It’s driving me insane.

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