The Ultimate Checklist for Keeping Your Kids Happy in a Hotel

free printable checklist of 7 must-have items for a hotel stay with kids - family travel

“I’m boooooored,” she whines, while suffering through a few minutes of downtime on a vacation your wallet will be recovering from for months. Sound at all familiar? Not to be a terrible human, but I really hope so.

I’m convinced my kids would find a way to be bored at Disney World. A few minutes of rest and relaxation—which, lets be honest, parents really need while vacationing with kids—and they seem to develop amnesia. They no longer remember all of the fun that has been packed into the day.

After a mini vacations with our girls, I’ve perfected a small list of absolutely must-have items that we couldn’t survive a hotel stay without. Sometimes we don’t need every last item, but the fact that they’re there is like a parental security blanket. I know I can pull them out if I need them and I’m a much less crazy-eyed mom because of it.

free printable checklist of 7 must-have items for a hotel stay with kids - family travel

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Like a Mother | Road Trips with Kids

road trip with kids

road trips with kids

For as long as I can remember, I have loved a good road trip. From driving a couple of hours to the Jersey shore with my grandparents every summer to driving to Florida on spring break while in college, I have always found road trips incredibly exciting. Killer playlists, hilarious conversations, and a whole lot of open road is my kind of adventure.

And then I had kids.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m still the first to jump at the idea of adventuring to a new place by car, it just takes way more preparation now. Like, way more. And along the way, I’ve become pretty good at keeping my kids entertained on road trips. In fact, I have a list of five tips that I consider essential when road tripping with kids.

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And We’re Off!


I didn’t think we’d be able to do it this summer, but the girls and I are headed out on another little getaway! This time the hubs is staying home (he has to work, boooo) and we’re going out to East Hampton to hang with his mom and aunts for a couple of days.

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