Take Me Away

My husband and I have been talking about taking a little summer vacation for the last couple of years but have yet to actually act on it. We’ve spoken about it recently and I’ve decided that this is the year we’re definitely going on a mini-getaway with our girlies.

To make sure this happens, I’ve decided I need to stop talking about it and start planning. I thought a great place to start was by asking you guys for affordable recommendations in the northeast. We live in NY and aren’t planning on going very far, basically a car trip and a few days away.

All this thinking about vacations definitely has me romanticizing the idea (click the photos for sources).

Let’s get real though. A family vacation will probably look a little more like the picture below than any of the pretty little photos above. Lots of togetherness generally leads to getting pretty sick of one another, no?

To be honest, I’d be perfectly happy with something in between perfectly blissful and choking each other in frustration.

What do you like to do on vacation? Are there any spots that you’re particularly fond of? Do you have any good family vacation stories that will make the rest of us feel better about our experiences? Share it all below!

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