The Embodiment of Parenthood in a One Minute Commerical

I shared this over on my Facebook page last week, but with their new change in algorithms and whatever only like 40 people saw it. Boo. Since I think it totally embodies the insanity and overwhelming joy of parenthood (and in a mere sixty seconds!), I absolutely had to share it again.

Pretty spot on, no?

Before I go, I just want to let you guys know that I’m going on a little blogging break for the holidays to recharge and spend some quality time with my ladies. I don’t plan on making it a full-on vacation, but I’m going to work on some behind the scenes stuff and plan out the new year a bit.

I’ll still be around on Facebook and Instagram and I’ll be trying to catch up on some blog reading (I’m woefully behind).

Do you have any big plans to round out the year?

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