Things My Kids Said | Vol. 1

things my kids said

things my kids said

People routinely tell me that I should write down the ridiculous things my kids say. So I’ve been keeping a running list—and I have to say, these little ladies crack me up.

If you enjoy this post, please let me know! I’ll keep the list making going and throw these out into the universe once in a while. Also, if your kids have said anything particularly hilarious recently, feel free to share in the comments! Kid humor is pretty much the best humor.

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  1. From Nana: “I’m never having kids because it hurts. Your belly bursts open to let the baby out and the doctor has to sew it up.”

  2. This is so cute! I love it when you do posts like this! I miss the ones where you interview your daughter on her opinions of grown up things. Hilarious and adorable. Definitely do more of these please! 🙂

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