Time to Organize My Life

unorganized mess

unorganized messThis picture pretty much sums up what I feel like my life is like at the moment. It’s definitely what my life looks like (…okay. Maybe that’s a slight exaggeration).

But really. There’s clutter everywhere. I’m so overwhelmed by it all that I keep starting mini-tasks before I finish the last thing I started, leaving my house one big lump of messy little piles.

I need to take control!

Yesterday I read a post by Roo over at Nice Girl Notes that really hit home for me. It was about the struggles of being a work from home momma: the difficulty of getting anything done with wee ones weaving between your legs, mommy guilt, and the repercussions of never leaving the “office.”

It’s so hard. Most days I feel like I got nothing done. And every day I feel like one part of my life has suffered: I did too much work and didn’t spend enough time with my babies, I didn’t get any work done, or I hung with the babies and got work done once my husband got home and spent no time with him.

But instead of continuing to whine and wallow in my stress, I’ve decided to do something about it. Today.

The first thing I need to do is organize my life. With less clutter and more order, I’ll automatically feel a little calmer. If that means I get a little less work done for the next couple of days, so be it. It will help me get more done later.


1 :: 2 :: 3 :: 4 :: 5 :: 6 :: 7 :: 8 :: 9

Once I’m organized, I’ll try and set a loose schedule for myself. If I can stick to this little schedule, I’m hoping I’ll feel more in control. I’m absolutely horrible at time management, which is something I have to try to address.


But I’m curious. How do you do it? Do you have any tips I can use to make my life a little easier and slightly less chaotic?

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  1. I try to draw inspiration for organization from other people online or things I might see in a store. Then I make a list and plan on tackling one thing at a time. I still need lots of work though. It is hard to organize things when you don’t have the shelving or desks to do it with.
    <3 Rachel

    1. I like drawing inspiration from things I find online too. There are so many times where you’ll see someone use something in a new way and it totally blows your mind!

  2. I choose one area that is really bothering me and focus on organizing that alone. After that is organized, I maintain it, then move on to the next project. I once had a desk that was simply a dumping ground. After I organized it, I made a vow never to leave that desk with anything sitting on it. That desk is clean to this day. Occasionally, there will be stacks around it, but the desk itself is always neat and ready to go. I feel energized every time I use it.

    1. That’s a good idea. I’ve decided to do it that way too: one area at a time. It makes it so much more manageable. Last week I focused on my desk. It’s so much better, I’m just hoping I can be as good as you are with it!

  3. Organization is the key to working from home for sure! Good luck with your project. I’m more than halfway through my closets which has been hanging over me for ages.

    Love Roo btw.

  4. Good afternoon from Russia. Thanks a lot for this your post: it made me think over my own mess and take several steps to get rid of it (mostly, at the kitchen). I really like the result and appreciate your honesty about describing your situation at the time when you’ve posted this message. Good luck to you!

    1. Thanks so much for stopping by,Ksenia! Glad to have helped– even if it was in some small little way! 😉

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