Trend to Try: Neon

Let me start by saying that I’ve been strongly against this whole neon thing from the start. It’s a little too acid-washed denim and 80’s-inspired for me. Plus it’s something that probably won’t become a classic.

But, like menswear-inspired oxfords, my tune is slowly starting to change a little. Don’t get me wrong. You won’t see me in head-to-toe neon anytime soon, no matter how much I like some of the looks I’ve seen fashionistas rocking. But I am starting to like little pops of it, especially when paired with neutrals (neons look especially good with beige and gray).


Juicy Couture




Old Navy

Pairing neons with neutrals tones them down a bit but still provides a fun color pop. I’m especially loving that first cardigan from Gap.

What are your thoughts on neon? Are you in love or are you skipping it? I’m considering adding a few inexpensive neon accessories into my rotation (I’m not feeling neon investment pieces because who knows how long this trend will stick!).

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