Versatile Files: Plain White Tee

For some of us (um, me) t-shirts are pretty much our uniform. I would say that 95% of the time I wake up in the morning and put on some sort of basic tee (usually v-neck and usually from Gap or Old Navy). Boring? Maybe. Pathetic? Nah.

As a busy momma running all over the place, a t-shirt makes sense. It’s easy, comfortable, and I never have to worry about a wardrobe malfunction. Still, it sometimes feels a little lackluster.

When I got an email from my sister with her newest edition of Versatile Files, I was pretty excited. Aside from all of the links she just wrote one sentence: Justification for buying a $25.00 white tee shirt from American Apparel.

Tell me more!

Versatility Files: white teeAs soon as I saw Michele‘s sketch I was like Hmmmm. Girlfriend’s got a point. Her way of dressing a t-shirt is so much more exciting than the jeans and flats way I’ve been wearing it.

Michele basically used a plain white tee as a blank canvas. You can do anything with it really and if you can wear it anywhere, why not invest in a good one?

Here’s how she styled it…

Busy busy bee

Busy Busy Bee (in a white tee)

American Apparel short sleeve deep v-neck :: Silence & Noise ex-boyfriend blazer via Urban Outfitters :: H&M ankle pants :: ASOS leather old boy satchel :: Anthropologie Beatriz buckled flats

For work, Michele paired the white t-shirt with some cobalt ankle pants, a blazer, cute flats and a no-nonsense bag. Consider it a laid back alternative to a button down shirt. Just as doable, but a fresh approach. I can absolutely see myself wearing something like this.

Comfy casual

Comfy Casual (in a white tee)

Nasty Gal twist collar necklace :: Vogue sunglasses :: American Apparel short sleeve deep v-neck :: Nasty Gal twist bangle :: Kimchi t-strap flat via Urban Outfitters :: Victoria’s Secret pleated maxi skirt

When comfort is your number one goal, consider pushing the jeans to the side for a day or two and tucking your white tee into a maxi skirt. Super comfortable yet a notch higher on the style scale (if you have one that you consult. I obviously don’t because I’m still sitting in a v-neck and jeans). Add a few fun accessories (that jewelry is kind of awesome if you ask me) and you look totally put together while feeling like you’re lounging around in your pajamas–totally key in my book.

Party animal

Party Animal (in a white tee)

Deena & Ozzy gardenia skull scarf via Urban Outfitters :: American Apparel short sleeve deep v-neck :: Deena & Ozzy elements stretch belt via Urban Outfitters :: Nasty Gal scuba skater skirt :: MANGO shoes :: MANGO purse :: Pretty Polly over the knee tights via Nordstrom

Got somewhere a little fancier to go? A party or some kind of event? Your white t-shirt can take you there too. Again, it’s all about accessories. Michele paired the tee with a skater skirt (I seriously love these) and then piled on fun metallic accents, a skull scarf and cool “over the knee” tights.

So, what do you think? Would you pay a little extra for a t-shirt if you were going to be wearing it just about everywhere? Or would you rather stick to cheap tees with jeans?

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    1. I need to get better about accessorizing them! I’m a huge fan but I need to push myself to do something (anything!) different with them. It’s too easy to just throw one on and go without thinking about it!

  1. I’m also a big fan of t-shirts and try to find ways to wear them to work as often as possible by adding a cardigan, blazer, etc (without looking too lazy). These are some great ideas! I definitely think it’s worth paying a little extra for a tee if you’re going to get a lot of use out of it.

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