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bronx zoo carouselellie beeLast Friday the girls and I met my in-laws at the Bronx Zoo. They had a blast. The gorillas were hands down their favorite. Ellie got a kick out of watching one eat “salad” and watching another lazily play with his feet. “Her wants her momma,” she said. “She sleepy.”

They also loved the bug carousel and posing as bumblebees and butterflies (as you can see by the excitement on my little bean’s face).

After the zoo Sam went back to Long Island with my in-laws for a sleepover. We met them in Woodlawn on Sunday for brunch and wandered around our old neighborhood. It was the strangest kind of time warp. Nothing has changed in the six years that we’ve been gone—we just had another baby in tow this time around.

red carpet partyOn Sunday night Samantha had a red carpet birthday party. She got dressed up all fancy (makeup, tiara, jewels and sequin purse included). The girls got manicures, posed on a red carpet, watched Despicable Me and had a pretty fabulous time.

toddler bedtimeBack at home, I’ve been struggling with the bean and sleep. She’s all thrown off from moving and summer vacation. She’s generally not a fan of sleeping when she knows her sister is awake so naps have been pretty much nonexistent. My fingers are quadruple crossed that this will change when school is back in session on the 9th.

You would think she’d collapse into a sleepy ball come nighttime, but she’s been fighting me then too. We read our books and then she rolls around me like a wild thing for awhile before finally passing out cold.

rocksShe has also been cracking me up by lining things up lately. This is one of my favorite examples. I woke up late one morning this week and my husband and the girls were hanging out downstairs. I came down and immediately saw these stones lined up on an ottoman. I’m not sure why, but I couldn’t stop laughing. She is the messiest and wildest little thing but she loves lining things up in an orderly fashion.

love bugsBefore I run of to start bedtime, I have to share this last one of my girls loving each other. We’ve had a more or less laid back week with lots of movies and downtime (it was desperately needed). They’ve been doing a whole lot of snuggling. It makes me melt!

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