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sassyI didn’t take very many pictures this week. I guess that’s what happens when you’re trying to get stuff done while being constantly interrupted by a bored out of her mind seven year old. We both came dangerously close to losing our minds this week.

And then there was this sassy little thing. She’s taken to walking around with her hands on her hips (which makes her little Buddha belly stick out even further), shouting out orders to everyone within earshot. The best part is that she can’t even take herself seriously. She’ll try very hard to look like she means business, but she inevitably errupts into a devilish little grin.

Mark my words. This one is trouble.

ellie in a tentOn Saturday we headed down to Long Island to visit my in-laws (and score an anniversary date night with way too much delicious Greek food). Tim brought the pop up tent because Samantha has been wanting to camp out in one.

In the least surprising turn of events in the history of ever, Sam hated it. It was hot and wait, was that a bug?! She probably sat in it for less than five minutes. Ellie thought she was cool walking around inside of it though.

ellie with the hoseThe funniest part of the weekend was definitely when Ellie learned how to use the hose. The look of absolute devilish glee that erupted on her little face was straight up amazing. (I stole this shot from my husband’s Facebook feed. He was taking pictures while I was trying to hide my phone from the wrath of the Ellie monster).

bear mountainOn Wednesday the weather was amazing so the ladies and I took a little drive to Bear Mountain and had a picnic by the lake. There was very little eating and a whole lot of singing to ducks, but they thoroughly enjoyed themselves.

trailside signsAfter I was sure there was no hope of lunch being finished, we walked over to the little zoo they have there. Sam stopped to read every little sign along the way while her sister assumed the hands on hips position and kept saying “Come on girls!”

We didn’t make it through the whole zoo (Sam thought she would just diiiiiiiiie if she had to walk any farther), but we did stop for ice cream on the way out.

at the doctorLast but not least, my little bean had her two and a half year check up today. No more baby exam room for my baby. She went into the big girl room and absolutely had to wear a gown just like her sister did two weeks ago.

Can someone maybe work on freezing time for me?

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