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trying on hatsMy in-laws came up last weekend and while the boys tackled the old (stinky) eyesore of a pool that needed to be torn down in the backyard, us ladies headed to DSW for some shoe shopping. While my mother-in-law looked for some comfy work shoes, I followed the ladies around as they played “shoe lady.” That basically meant that Sam picked out the most sparkly, girlie shoes in the place (and usually ones with the highest heel) and acted like she worked in the store. She helped Ellie try on each pair and found her new ones when she wasn’t quite satisfied. When Ellie saw the hats and the full-length mirror, it was all over.

slippersThis week has been so incredibly weird temperature wise. I’ve been breaking out the cozy slippers and sweatshirts at night and bundling up the girls in the mornings. Then, by the time Sam gets off the bus, it’s insanely warm and her backpack is stuffed with six layers of clothes. Today there was a jacket, a sweatshirt and pants. She had worn leggings with shorts over them and ditched the leggings half way through the day.

Ellie in a scarfSpeaking of keeping warm, I’m obsessed with babies in scarves. My handmade cozy kids stuff post hinted at it, but I’m trying to live it right now too. I got this really cute scarf while we were in the Hamptons last summer but it’s a little short and I haven’t been able to figure out the perfect way to wear it yet—until the other day when I wrapped it around my little El Belle.

head bonkHow cute is this face? Ellie is my little adventurer. If there’s something that looks like it could possibly be climbed, you better believe my girl is going to climb it. This time it was a stool and it didn’t exactly work out for her. She ended up with an immediate bruise and knot on her forehead and a bag of frozen berries while she watched some Doc McStuffins.

apple pieI think I’ve decided that if a person doesn’t like apple pie (especially apple pie with crumbs), we could never be friends. I made one with our apple picking booty from last weekend and the smell alone was pure heaven. I’m thinking I need to make one more before I switch from my apple obsession to my pumpkin obsession.

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