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living room picnicThis shot feels like it was taken forever ago, but it’s only been about two weeks. It just happened to be a jam packed two weeks. I took this on the last night we spent in the old house. My husband was off at the Citi Field sleepover (an early anniversary present), so it was just the ladies and me. We had a picnic in the living room and then a sleepover in momma’s bed complete with popcorn, ice cream and The Little Mermaid. And I have to say, it was a pretty nice way to say goodbye to the old house.

first night in the new roomThis is what my girls looked like on their first night in the new room. This was pretty much the only angle in the entire house that I could take a mess and box free picture of. They were thrilled to each be able to sit in their own beds reading together. The excitement is still there for the most part—until Ellie wakes up at an ungodly hour when Sam still wants her beauty sleep (this, by the way, seems to be defined by Sam as anytime before 6:30).

fancy glassesThe ladies and I have also been trying to take a lot of walks since we’re off a main road and suddenly in a neighborhood. This particular day was a hot one. Even though she was exhausted, my stubborn little Ellie bean walked the whole half mile. The girls returned to the house red-faced and thirsty and decided they wanted to drink from fancy cups. For Sam that means anything with a stem. Ellie will settle for anything that doesn’t have a sippy top with bonus points for things not made of plastic.

Miss Samantha is holding her nose because she couldn’t stand the smell of the pesto Tim was using to make Ellie an English muffin pizza for dinner. I swear that girl’s nose is more sensitive than a pregnant woman’s.

homemade pizzaSpeaking of pizza, my husband is kind of awesome at making it. In fact, scratch out the kind of. He’s ridiculously awesome.

He makes the whole thing himself—from the sauce right down to the whole wheat dough. This time he used a bunch of veggies from our farm share on the cheese-less slices (he’s the kind of weirdo who doesn’t like melted cheese). There was grilled chicken and bacon and roasted garlic…

I can’t even discuss the level of delicious without my stomach growling. Let’s just say he made four pies and they were all gone by dinnertime the next night.

fancy nancy obsessedMiss Ellie is suddenly ultra-girly (maybe it has something to do with the new ultra-girly bedroom?). She is absolutely obsessed with Fancy Nancy books. I read them to her before bed and then she thumbs through them “reading” them back to me. It’s absolutely hilarious to see which bits and pieces of the story she really picks up on and which pieces she could care less about.

naked princessShe has also become a big fan of dress up. She prefers to do it shirtless with tons of accessories. It seriously cracks Sam and I up. On this particular occasion she was singing a little song about how she’s a “pwincess.” Afterwards she removed the tutu, put on some lady bug wings and a zebra headband and ran around trying to fly.

Two little notes: I didn’t include any pictures from our vacation since they’re up on my personal Facebook page. Check them out if you haven’t—we had a blast!

Also, these posts won’t be showing up on the front page of the blog anymore (mostly because password protected posts showing up on my homepage will make sponsors and other people who might hire me a little less likely to bite). I’ll post the links to them on my FB page every week though and you can also find them by clicking “diary” on the black bar under my blog header.

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