My Week(s) Through Instagram

I’ve been absolutely terrible with keeping up with the Instagram posts lately, but I wanted to squeeze one in today after weeks of skipping it all together. Time is tight, so commentary will be too. But I think the cuteness speaks for itself anyway. 😉I have a diagnosis!Ellie is obsessed with Doc McStuffins on Disney Junior. This means she likes to walk around with a notebook and crayon while wearing her stethoscope and declare “I have a diagnosis!” It gets me every time.

goodbye hugsMy oldest friend Lisa came to visit not so long ago. We got the kids together for lunch and some playground time. This was their sweet little goodbye hug.

birthday party funOur friend Carrie turned two this month and had an awesome little fairy party in their backyard. She and Ellie had a blast in the bouncy house and pretty much left us with no doubt that they are going to cause major trouble together when they’re older.

sister loveI suddenly realized that I don’t have many pictures of Sam lately. She’s a very busy little bee with school and homework and this week she starts zumba and Girl Scouts. I swear the girl has a social schedule that’s way more packed than mine.

Also? She loves the stink out of her sister.

house of stark nakedEllie has discovered how much she loves stripping naked—just in time for fall/winter! This is the scene around the house most mornings lately. On Wednesday we went to a bring-your-friend to ballet lesson for Sam. Ellie had to wear a tutu to watch the big girls dance. She also had to take it off while we were waiting for the class to end.

DJ Ellie FreshTim brought home an old switcher from work this week and Ellie is slightly obsessed with pressing all of the buttons. It’s very serious work and when she’s not jamming at the buttons, she’s got her tools out trying to “fix” it (and taking notes about her diagnosis).

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