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Deck My Walls | Whimsical Wall Art

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Deck My Walls | Old English Company ice cream print

The whole new year, clean slate, organizational rampage thing that happens to me in January inevitably leads to a burning desire to redecorate. Does anyone else go through this? Not only do I want to purge and go all KonMari method on my belongings, but I want to sort of revitalize everything too and breathe a little fresh air into whatever is feeling stagnant.

Right now, I’ve waged a war on our living room. The space has been more or less wasted for a while now and it makes me cringe a little. A little shuffling around here and there has pepped it up a bit, but now I’m looking to attack the walls.

Whimsical Wall Art | Old English Company ice cream print

Old English Company ice cream print

Whimsical Wall Art | Everyday Shenanigans sneaky black cat print

Every Day Shenanigans sneaky black cat print

Whimsical Wall Art | Kamala Nahas Malibu Surf and Sky II print

Kamala Nahas Malibu Surf and Sky II print

Whimsical Wall Art | Inkist Prints Dobby print

Inkist Prints Dobby print

Whimsical Wall Art | One Canoe Two I'd be lost without you print

One Canoe Two I’d be lost without you print

Whimsical Wall Art| Maja Cunningham blue fish wish print

Maja Cunningham Blue Fish Wish print

Whimsical Wall Art | Rachel Corcoran Nutella print

Rachel Corcoran Nutella print

As you can tell, my taste leans towards the quirky and whimsical—which means more often than not the kids’ section is right up my alley. The kids stuff is easy to completely miss since it’s often kept separate from “grown up” art, but I always try to remember to check it out. It definitely makes a space more fun!

PS Sometimes I want to live in a PB Teen catalog.

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