Free Kids Printable Activities bundle - animal BINGO game #kidsfun - indoor activities for kids

Need something to keep the kids busy? This bundle of free kids printables allows them to have lots of fun and use their imaginations. Included in the download are a BINGO game, a play restaurant check, and a comic strip template!

Tell me you haven’t been here before.

You just ran around setting your kids up with a fun activity. Let’s say it’s painting. You laid out newspaper to make sure the table doesn’t get destroyed. You set them up with brushes, little palettes of paint, some water to keep things clean, and plenty of paper to go to town on. They seem happy, which makes you happy. You ask Alexa to turn some music on, sing along with them, and then it happens.

You haven’t even screwed on the lid of the last jar of paint you’re trying to put away when they ask: What are we doing next?

Their brushes drip with paint and they’re swirling colors all over the place, but they’re already thinking ahead. And you can already feel it coming. The dreaded sentence: I’m bored.

Now, I totally agree that kids should be bored sometimes and they should have to find ways to get creative and occupy themselves. However, there is only a certain number of times a parent can hear the phrase whined at all different lengths before you lose your freaking mind.

That’s where this free kids printables bundle comes in!

Perfect for keeping the little boogers entertained, these printables are great for home, while traveling, waiting for appointments, sitting at restaurants and more. To make them durable and more longlasting, print them out on cardstock and have them laminated, that way you can use dry erase markers on them and not use so much paper.

All you need to do is enter your email address here and the whole set will be sent directly to your inbox! But first, let’s take a look at what’s included…

Free Kids Printable Activities bundle - restaurant check - perfect for a busy bag! #kidsfun - indoor activities for kids - play restaurant

Restaurant check printables

My kids have always loved to play restaurant. They set up elaborate menus and pull out all of their play food to make their own cafes. The one thing they always seem to be missing is a “professional” waitress pad. Yes, they can absolutely take a little notebook and scribble inside it. But they love anything that makes them seem more official.

Bonus: you can print these out, laminate them and tuck them in your purse for when you’re out and need a quick distraction. They’re gold at the grocery store.

Free Kids Printable Activities bundle - animal BINGO game #kidsfun - indoor activities for kids

BINGO game printables

This one comes with three different BINGO cards covered in cute little animal faces. Simply print the cards and call out the animals in random order. Have your kids use little markers on their sheets: pennies, pom poms, and M&Ms all work! You could also laminate the cards and have them use dry erase markers.

If you want to get really tricky and work on reading skills, you can spell out the names of each animal instead.

Free Kids Printable Activities bundle - create your own comic strip! - perfect for a busy bag! #kidsfun - indoor activities for kids

Printable comic strips with action add-ons

If I’m being completely honest, this one has been the biggest hit in our house. Ellie absolutely loves this set. She has created a series of comics that involves a little sister sneaking into her big sister’s backpack to see what things are like at her school. I absolutely love getting a little peek into her mind and watching her work out how to tell a story.

It’s also really helpful in getting her completely immersed in something. She has gotten lost creating these stories for hours at a time and has started stapling books of her stories together. It’s fantastic.

This one is a two-page download. The first is a blank comic strip. The second page is add-ons: thought and word bubbles, lightning, hearts, and bursts that kids can color, cut out, and add to their comic.

free printable kids activities bundle - play restaurant check, animal BINGO game, comic strip template - indoor kids fun

To download the whole set of free kids printables, just submit your email here and they’ll be delivered to your inbox!

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