mom hack - adorable personalized name labels for kids clothes, food containers, bottles, equipment and more

This post is sponsored by Minted, but all opinions and squeals of delight are mine.

There is nothing more annoying than buying the kids something brand spanking new only to have them leave it at school or camp or on the bus. It’s even more annoying when you realize that there might have been hope in getting it back—if only you’d listened and labeled the freaking thing like you were warned to.

Sound familiar? It’s a story that unfolds over and over and over again. Will we ever learn?

Now that I’ve discovered Minted’s name and clothing labels, I just might. I’ve always loved Minted and the beautiful designs by independent artists they feature, but I had no idea they had products that are so practical. I should probably be embarrassed to admit this, but I’m much more likely to use something practical if it’s really, really cute. These personalized name labels totally pass the test.

mom hack - adorable personalized name labels for kids clothes, food containers, bottles, equipment and more

Not only are they cute and colorful, but these stick-on labels are also dishwasher, microwave and laundry safe, non-toxic and waterproof—making them absolutely perfect for anything from bottles, sippy cups, and food containers to sports equipment, shoe and stuffed animal tags, tech gadgets, school supplies and more. The ways you can use these things are infinite. I love the idea of sticking them on party favors and teachers’ gifts. Or using them to label books you lend out.  You can even add a photo to make your labels more unique (or to help out little ones who can’t read yet).

Take a peek at some of the designs you can choose from:

kids personalized name labels | ballet feet

ballet feet custom name labels

kids personalized name labels | no peanuts

no peanuts custom name labels (designs are available for other allergens as well)

kids personalized name labels | slithering snake

slithering snake personalized name labels

kids personalized name labels | from the library of

from the library of personalized bookplate

kids personalized name labels | modern periodic

modern periodic personalized labels

kids personalized name labels | flash

flash personalized clothing labels

kids personalized name labels | watermelon

watermelon personalized label for food containers

kids personalized name labels | big cat!

big cat! custom name labels

Cute right?! These labels are the perfect mom hack for keeping your kids’ things from getting lost in the shuffle. They’re even good for telling what item belongs to which kid and putting an end to the “It’s mine” “No, it’s mine!” arguments. Unless that’s just my house? I didn’t think so. 😉

Minted is offering one lucky Cuddles and Chaos reader $150 in Minted credit! Head over to their site to enter the giveaway now—and then come back and let me know what you plan to buy with your winnings! A winner will be chosen next Friday. Good luck!

Written by Jennifer Garry
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