new baby shower gift ideas

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Is it just me or is everyone either having a baby or tending to a new one? I know so many people who are popping out children right now. Aside from thrusting my baby fever into a whole new dimension, the baby boom in my life is making me think a whole lot more about new baby gifts.

Like anyone else, I easily fall prey to cutesy blankets and stuffed animals and stuff. But—spoiler alert!—new mommas do not need another blanket no matter how cute you might think it is. I am so guilty of this (sorry sister-in-law) and am trying desperately to reform—after all, we want to give our friends and family gifts they’ll actually use, right?

Enter a baby gift basket chock full of essentials…

new baby shower gift basket idea

Lately, I’ve been obsessed with making little baskets filled with new baby goodies. I usually start with a good sized basket or bin that I know the parents can use again. We have baskets and bins everywhere in our house and use them for everything from storing toys to collecting clutter that needs to find its way back home. After I find a good basket or bin, I make sure I have a box that can fit inside and prop the gifts up to make the basket look a little prettier. Next, it’s time to shop!

If you have kids, start by thinking of what your go-tos always were. I for one would have been lost without my Boppy and my Moby wrap. We also got a ton of use out of our Bumbo and those Munchkin fresh food feeders were lifesavers when we hit the teething stage. If you don’t have kids, think about typical kids items: diapers, wipes, bath soap, books, stain removers, bottle cleaners. Any of these things would fit nicely in a good sized basket and new parents will be thrilled not to have to buy them—babies are expensive little boogers.

If you’re looking to save yourself a pretty penny, make sure to check out Kids.Woot! A subsidiary of Amazon, Woot is a deal site that features top brands at pretty amazing prices—their daily deals run from midnight to midnight with savings of 20% or more!

When the people at Woot reached out to me to see if I was interested in writing about their week-long Baby Deals and Discounts event, I headed over to the website prepared to be underwhelmed… and then I immediately made a purchase (matching KidKraft mermaid sleeping bags for my girls at 33% off their list price). 😉

I highly recommend checking Woot! out. They have everything from home and electronics deals to accessories and wine. Yes. I said wine.

Take a peek at some of my favorites from the baby sale:

baby shower gift basket ideas | woot! kids deals

#legrolls onesie // Boon grass drying rack // baby healthcare and grooming kit // bath bundle // Bumbo seat // diapers // Boppy // Moby wrap // bath cups // fresh food feeder // maple teething ring

Is there one thing you could. not. live. without as a new parent? Share it with us in the comments and save others parents from a sea of cute teddy bears and soft blankies 😉

Written by Jennifer Garry
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