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The millions of people who took to the streets all over the world this weekend in a show of solidarity for women’s rights (and, really, human rights) left me feeling energized and incredibly inspired. The fact that the Women’s March protests were peaceful and charged with positivity makes them even more powerful.

I got lost in the deepest depths of the internet looking at photos from marches all over the world and had to share some of my favorites. While there were plenty of giggle-inducing jabs at Donald  Trump, I decided to leave them out (well, except for the Supergirl one which doesn’t make fun of him as much as confront him). I truly believe that not resorting to spewing hate and name calling makes the message so much stronger.

Like Michelle Obama said “When they go low, we go high.”

20 of the best signs from the Women’s March

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Best Women's March Signs | I'm With Her via Business Insider Best Women's March Signs | a girl should be two things who and what she wants via NBC News Bes Wome's March signs | a woman's place is in the resistance via Yahoo Best Women's March Signs | girls are fast via the Cut Best Women's March Signs | men of quality do not fear equality the Cut Best Women's March signs | women's rights are human rights via Huffington Post Best Women's March signs | we are the granddaughters of the witches you couldn't burn via the Cut 's March Signs | little girls with dreams become women with vision via Huffington Post Best Women's March Signs | I will not go quietly back to the 1950s via Huffington Post Best signs from the Women's March | Girls Just Wanna Have Fun-damental Human Rights via Business Insider Best signs from the Women's March | now you've pissed off grandma via the Denver Channel Best signs from the Women's March | Men in tights for women's Rights via the Cut Best signs from the Women's March | Feminist AF via Huffington Post One thing I love about the photos I’ve seen is that they truly look like America. Men and women from every age, ethnicity, and religion showed up in droves to have their voices heard. I hope we continue to build off this momentum and prove that we will not sit back idly, but we will fight for the things we believe in.

Did you have a favorite sign from one of the women’s marches? Tell us (or link to it) in the comments!
Written by Jennifer Garry
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