Jenn Goonan from Mom Bubbly

Did I scare you for a second there? Did you think baby number three was in utero and I was about to make a major announcement?

Sadly, Bad Dad is yet to be convinced that number three is a good idea (the girls and I, however, are sure to amp up our pleas for just one more when one of my best friends gives birth in a few weeks). In the meantime, I have Jenn Goonan from Mom Bubbly guest blogging for Mother’s Day Week and she’s talking all about the differences between baby number one and baby number three. Sounds like the absolute perfect post to tweet at my husband, no? (And in case I was not clear enough, that is, in fact, an open invitation)

Seriously though, Jenn’s post is one that will resonate with many moms of more than one kid—especially if you spent your first pregnancy surrounded by highlighters, notepads and baby product guides like I did!

Jenn Goonan from Mom Bubbly

I have been blessed three times with uniquely different yet equally beautiful children. It’s been ten years since I’ve been gifted my daughter Ella and let me tell you… the excitement is the same when you find out you’re pregnant for the first or last little person. However, once the adrenaline (or maybe hormones) slightly subsides, the shopping habits are quite different for each pregnancy.

As soon as I found out that we were having our first baby, I began to feverishly research every stroller, crib, bottle and pacifier known to man. Once I had finalized my top baby products picks, the anxiety and fear set in because I didn’t want to make the wrong decision. What happens if the baby rejects the anatomically correct pacifier? Would the little nugget like the cotton or chenille swaddler better? I wasted so much time worrying and doubting myself that it took six months before I made all of my baby gear choices. No doubt, I could have enjoyed the journey of pregnancy if I wasn’t so concerned if Huggies or Pampers would stop projectile poop leakage.

So, my Consumer Reports-inspired list and I went to Babies ‘R Us to register for endless gadgets, activity centers, spoons, educational toys and books that promised to make a new parent’s life easier. It wasn’t until the 10 pages of our baby registry was printed that I realized all of my late nights of obsessive research and fretting may have gone too far. Even still, I didn’t take anything off the registry since I am a type A kind of gal and wanted to be one prepared mama.

As I look back, my husband was cool, calm and collected during the entire pregnancy because I could tell him the product model number of any baby product in a hot hormonal second. If these questions existed on the TV game show Jeopardy, I could have easily paid for a college education. Hmm… maybe it’s not too late to make that suggestion to the show’s producers.

Fast forward to having my third child two years ago. My approach of getting ready for our baby was quite different. My hubby and I felt like we won the lottery when the pregnancy test came back positive. In fact, I was told that it was highly unlikely that I could have any more kids due to having endometriosis, so most of our baby gear was donated by this time. Guess what? It didn’t even faze me that the research process had to begin again.

For this pregnancy, I didn’t spend any late nights researching baby product gear. Friends let me borrow a car seat and a stroller. We didn’t fuss with putting a nursery together (read: much later) until after the baby was born. Most importantly, I lived in the moment and for the first time I was calm enough to breastfeed instead of pumping for an eternity. Nursing my last baby has been one of the biggest highlights and gifts of my life. Everything turns out better with less stress, I promise.

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