Amy Poehler: bossy girls

Amy Poehler: bossy girls

I love this quote. Maybe it’s because I have two bossy girls of my own. Or because I’ve been accused of being a bossy girl on more than one occasion.

Don’t get me wrong. When a bossy girl belongs to you, she can be a huge pain in the ass. She wants to be independent and she wants to make all of the decisions and she wants to force you to realize that her way is the right way (*cough, just ask my husband, cough*).

When she’s your child this is especially irritating. If you tell her to wear the pink shirt, she’ll suddenly need to wear the blue one. If you tell her she can read for 15 minutes before bedtime, she’ll just die if she can’t read for thirty. And don’t even get me started on the playground. God forbid there’s a kid out there that doesn’t want to do things her way.

But you know what? Bossy girls grow up into women who stand up for what they believe in. They grow into women who take charge and get things done. They grow into women who aren’t pushed around. They grow into the kind of women I want my little pains in the butt to be.

So the next time one of my bossy little girls seems to have a physical need to do the opposite of what I tell her, I’m going to try to take a deep breath and remember that, while infuriating, their dictatorial personalities are going to be an asset later in life. And after the situation is diffused, I’ll go boss around my husband to feel like I’ve regained some tiny sliver of control. 😉

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Have a fabulous fall weekend (which means eating lots of apples and drinking something pumpkin spice)! 😉

Written by Jennifer Garry
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